November 6, 2012

Window Display Becomes a Street Gallery

On the corner of Walton and Michigan Avenue in Chicago 
is the Louis Vuitton store. Take a look at these marvelous window 
displays done by the Japanesse pop artist Yoyoi Kusama.
Louis Vuitton display windows on North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Pop artist Yayoi Kusama has created an  eye catching window display.
"Eternal Blooming Flowers in Mind"  
The center of the flower is an eye.
"Beginning of the Universe"
The red and white polka dots make theses nerve endings come to life.
The window displays were transformed into a "street gallery" showcasing 
both Kusama's art work and Louis Vuitton purses.


  1. Love window shopping in downtown Chicago, it has been awhile!

  2. I like those flowers, but the octopus-looking things are just creepy to me. Visually cool, but creepy.

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  4. yayoi kusama is one of my favorite contemporary artists. saw her exhibit in Madrid and it was mind-blowing! her collaboration with Louis Vuitton is repeatedly a sold-out everywhere :)

  5. That"s great Window Displays in your blog. Keep sharing.