November 24, 2012

My Thrift Finds on My Thanksgiving Table

And they say I never use my thrift treasures...

Sitting on the Goodwill shelf several months ago, priced at $1.99...
I thought this ceramic piece "candlelight & posies"
would make a attractive center piece.
It turned out rather well.

In July, my grandson and I stopped at a rummage sale and found two boxes of dishes made in England for $15.00, to read the entire post and see all of the pieces click here.

The dinner service was for twelve place settings plus several serving pieces.
Cost for each piece came out to 25¢. The turkey was made by my sweet LuLu Belle.
The long green tablecloth was a $5.00 estate sale purchase.
As my family came in the door, they all said how pretty the table looked. I smiled and thanked them. I wanted to tell them all of my thrifty details, but it was Thanksgiving. 

We had a delightful meal, great conversations, made memories, and remembered our family members who were no longer with us.


  1. Your table looks lovely; what a wonderful way to use your thrifty treasures!

  2. It does look lovely Paulette and I am really pleased you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

  3. Beautiful floral arrangement, Paulette! Of course you know I love those dishes, too! It is so fulfilling to be able to use our thrifty finds.

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  4. I'd have a hard time NOT telling them where it all came from :)

  5. It is always fun to use your finds. I found a huge turkey platter over the summer for $4 and it was perfect for decorating and holding our turkey!

  6. what a beautiful table! such blessings you have :)

  7. That was the best $1.99 anyone ever spent. The centerpiece looks like it came from a florist. I have seen those dishes and that was another fabulous buy. I think using children's crafts on the table really makes it homey. You set a beautiful table.

  8. What a pretty Thanksgiving table!