November 27, 2012

Feed the Birds

Eight windows surrounded the front porch, and from this room my father would call us to come and see the birds sitting in the tree. The bird sitting in the tree was always a cardinal, my fathers favorite bird.

I remember being put out that once again I would have to stop what I was doing to go look at the birds, he always had the binoculars ready for me to take a closer look at the beautiful bird. I learned quickly that a cardinal's face was black, with a wide beak, red crest on the top of its head along with a red breast, with deep red wings and feather tails.  

My father has been gone for many years, whenever we see a cardinal we have fond memories of the front porch and our father. 

I found a recipe booklet by Irene and Ed Cosgrove, titled, "My Recipes are for the Birds." 

"My Recipes are for the Birds"  Copyright 1975
The introduction from the book. "These recipes will attract and delight the guest at your feeders and provide the warmth and energy that is needed during the cold winter months."

Here, are a few recipes from the booklet...

Before our Thanksgiving meal, my granddaughter sat down and strung some goodies for the birds.

This winter remember the birds, fill your bird feeders or toss out your stale bread in the backyard. Sufficient food is essential for the birds during the winter.


  1. Wowza- that's so impressive I'd be pushing the birds out of the way for a nibble! Feeding the birds gives me such pleasure- our neighbours had cats and so for years we avoided attracting birds but since they moved out last year we have loads of feeders and now have a steady stream of 'regulars' which I love!Rx

  2. I love the idea of this book. The photo of your granddaughter is just so sweet, how lovely that she had time to think of the birds in the middle of all the festivities. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving celebration.

  3. What a darling little girl!!

    I have that same book. Thank you for reminding me of it - it's in with my cook books. :-) I just bought a couple pounds of cranberries to string.

  4. What lucky birds who will feast in your yard! That is an awesome string of fruit! They will really love it.