November 5, 2012

An American Girl Birthday Celebration

The magnificent mile on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois was where we celebrated my granddaughter's birthday this past weekend.

We arrived at our hotel and got fancied up for the birthday celebration at American Girl.

Sweet LuLu Belle insisted that she was wearing her pink cow girl boots, some battles you don't want to fight, and this was one. 

The dinning room at American Girl is decorated in black, white and hot pink, what a festive and happy place this restaurant is. At the table, a birthday crown was waiting for LuLu Belle and her American Girl Doll Kate.

The birthday girl and her American Girl doll Kate.

Lunch was served.

Cake and a gift for the birthday girl, a birthday outfit for her doll Kate.

We all had a marvelous time celebrating.

Happy 5th birthday, LuLu Belle.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is so cute! What a great birthday for any little girl. Personally, I think those cowgirl boots are hot!! :-)

  2. ADORABLE!! I have 3 boys so the rule is I get granddaughters RIGHT??!

  3. What a gorgeous granddaughter! You could get lost in those deep brown eyes. I'm sure the doll will e a firm fav she'll treasure forever- I still have many of mine.Rx

  4. Oh what fun and the memories you will always have. When I was little I would of loved that..maybe I still want an American Girl doll at my age! ha

  5. Great photos...the last one tells it all! What a fun birthday for her...I'm so glad she got to wear her boots.

  6. What a doll baby - and I mean your sweet granddaughter! I love that she stuck to her guns about wearing her pink cowboy boots. She fit right in to the color theme of the party! Happy Birthday to both LuLu Belle and her Grandma!