November 16, 2012

Button, Button... Today is National Button Day

Every day is a celebration, and today is no exception, today we celebrate National Button Day.

My mother and my aunts, who lived next door to us, had button boxes, and as a young girl I liked to run my fingers through the button box, churning up from the bottom pretty buttons. My favorites were the buttons that looked like rhinestones, but were, in fact, plastic.

I would help my mother and aunt's cut the buttons off of clothes that were destine for the rag pile, leaving a chunk of the fabric attached to the button, that didn't make my mom or my aunts happy. Do people still cut off buttons of unusable clothes?

These white buttons are my favorites, I like the different shades of white, and the different size button holes.

My favorite place to store my white buttons are in old Atlas jars with tin lids. 

The National Button Society was formed in 1938, their website provides a lot of information about buttons, click here to go to the National Button Society page.



  1. Oh, wow, National Button Day. I've heard it all now. And I love it! Beautifully displayed buttons, Paulette (apologies for calling you Pauline before). I'm definitely checking out the Button Society. Have a wonderful Button Day. xx

  2. Who would of thought!love old jars of buttons.
    Well, Happy Button day friend!

  3. Those are great photos. And I had no idea there was a national button day! I used to have the button boxes from my mom, my husband's mom, and my husband's grandpa. I gave those buttons to our daughter because I knew she would treasure them. I think the time is coming soon when we'll be doing things like cutting buttons off used clothing to re-use them. We've had a false sense of wealth in this country far too long.

  4. I have a button tin full of buttons from my grandmother on my mother's side of the family. Back then, they didn't have a goodwill to donate clothes so after, cutting all the buttons off, my grandmother cut the material into shapes for quilts or used them for rag rugs.

  5. I have lots of buttons and my granddaughter E loves to play with them. I do still cut nice buttons off old unusable garments though!

  6. One of my favorite things! Thanks for sharing your beautiful button photo's! I didn't know it was National Button day. I will be visiting The National Button Society website.

  7. How did I miss National Button Day? Oh my! I love buttons. I have fond memories of sorting through the buttons my grandmother and my mother saved. They both saved their collections in tins.

    Today I have a hard time passing up reasonably priced bags or boxes of buttons when I run across them at sales. Pinterest has loads of wonderful button pins.

    I am heading over to the National Button Society site right now. Thanks, Paulette!

  8. My daughter Maddie just recently started to collect vintage buttons. She keeps them displayed in vintage Atlas jars too!


  9. You should check out the "Button Floozie" blog.. its cool.

    I love buttons that still have the thread attached. When I glue it to something, it looks like it has been stitched on :-)
    big hugs,

  10. My great grandma had a button tin too. My sister and I loved to play with them and string them on thread for fun. Wish I knew what happened to it, I'd love to have it.

  11. I have my mother in laws old buttons and a homemade calico dress from my great great great Aunt (who raised my great grandmother) that buttons all the way down the front. I really treasure these.