October 20, 2013

Week Three of the Kitchen Remodel

After the noise and the dust settled down, I was so happy to see that some of my base cabinets were brought into the kitchen.
  1. Last week I was concerned about the pipe sticking out from the wall after the soffit was removed you can see that post here, picture number 5, as you can see a solution was found and implemented.
  2. New insulation was placed in the area where the soffit was removed, and electrical wires were positioned for the new lighting.
  3. Dry wall was measured and cut, very noisy and messy.
  4. Dry wall was taped, and the first layer of mud placed on the wall.
  5. After the second coat of mud, some of my base cabinets were brought into the kitchen. 
  6. Holes were drilled for the water pipes, and for the electricity needed for the garbage disposal.
  7. The base cabinets were installed with great care by Bob the Builder making sure they were level both vertically and horizontally.
  8. Chair rail was removed, and wall repaired.
  9. I have narrowed down my choice for cabinet hardware to these two. Which one do you like?
I can slowly see my kitchen coming together.


  1. I like the one on the left. Classic. And they look like the ones I have in my sewing room. Exciting!

  2. I like the handles on the left, in terms of both shape and ' shininess' !

  3. The end could be in sight - looking very nice!

  4. My vote is the handle on the left. Everything is looking good! Linda

  5. I like the handle on the left, but then I always gravitate towards "shiny" things! :) It's looking good!

  6. Love to see a kitchen remodel, Paulette! As for the choice of hardware, isn't that a tough one! I'm leaning toward the one on the right, but it really is a hard decision.

  7. I can not wait to see it when it is all done!

  8. Your kitchen is taking shape beautifully.

  9. So exciting to see some cabinets coming in! I love their design and color. I could never build a house from scratch; I'd be totally insane by the end from having to make so many choices. Even with a choice of just two, I am stymied. Okay, I'll chose the pull on the right. :)