November 16, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Progress - The End is Near

It has been almost four weeks since my last blog and me visiting my favorite blogs, but just like everyone else life seemed to get in my way of sitting down to my computer to read blogs and to write one.

In these past weeks, my family received some news about a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer, and my attention has been on helping to elevated the stress on the caregiver and being positive towards my loved one who must face surgery very soon. We all remain positive and pray that things will go well during the surgery and recovery period.

I will be leaving for on a European river cruise to visit the Christmas markets along the Rhine starting December 2 and returning home December 16. I have started to gather my clothes for the trip, the color palette seems to be black, gray, white, with a pop of red. I'm hoping I will be able to combine different pieces for several outfits. It is hard to pack for a two week trip and only be able to have a suitcase that weighs fifty pounds.

As for my kitchen remodel, all I can say is, WILL IT EVER BE FINISHED! Week four, all the cabinets, were hung and leveled, and the granite company came and measured for the counter tops. 

From the date of measuring, which is quite a process that involves tripods with laser beams and more, until installations it is a two week time frame. So weeks four and five did not have a whole lot of things going on. 

Week six was exciting, the counter tops were installed, the sink and the appliances were delivered. 

I was very happy when the kitchen sink had the faucet installed, and the plumbing was hooked up!!!!

I detested did not like drinking water from the bathroom sink and washing my dishes in a dishpan in the bathtub, so running water in the kitchen was wonderful.

This week the refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave were all hooked up, and as I write this, my neighbor and friend, who is doing all the electrical work, is putting in an outlet so that my garbage disposal can be plugged in.

Yesterday,  Bob the Builder finished installing the molding above the cabinets, and LeRoy hooked up my new kitchen light.

I am anxious for my stove to be hooked up, but will remain in the middle of my kitchen floor until the backsplash is installed next week.

Soon these boxes and bags that contain the necessary items for my backsplash will be gone.

And these tiles will soon fill the space between my counter top and the bottom of my cabinets.

Just a few more things will need to be done to the cabinets before I can start putting my kitchen cabinets back together.

Monday I will be boarding a train for a day trip to downtown Chicago to see the Macy Christmas window display and have lunch in the legendary Walnut Room.

I hope to see you all on Tuesday, thanks for being patient with me during my absence. 


  1. Wow, Paulette! The kitchen is really taking shape. It looks great. I can imagine that you were delighted to have the kitchen sink operational again!

    A Rhine River cruise and Germany's Christmas markets! Oh, how envious I am. I know that will be a magical experience. If you had a much larger weight limit on your luggage, I might try to tag along. ;)

  2. Double Wow, Paulette! Your kitchen is really exciting! Thank you for sharing the progress! And I hope you share lots of pictures of your Rhine River cruise! Always wanted to do that! I am so sorry to hear about your family member who is ill!

  3. Your kitchen is looking really beautiful, so nice. How fun your trip sounds. I cant' wait for January, on the 18th I'm leaving for a 2 week trip too, a cruise to Hawaii for my mom's 70th birthday! I feel for you about your family member, my cousin has cancer and has been fighting it for a few years.

  4. I feel your pain about the 50 lb limit on the suitcase! I'm off also pretty soon. I have a 3 day visit to Orlando and Disney World on the 5th and will take a cruise to Mexico on the 14th. Then up to Raleigh, NC for New Year's Eve. How busy our lives are! I love your kitchen, I have your faucet in mine! I love how they pull down to spray. How did I live without that? I'm so sorry about your loved one having cancer. It's a heartbreaking time for them and all those that love them. Prayers for you. My brother in law was also officially diagnosed with cancer as well this week. He is terminal but with an expectation of a few years yet and we are grateful for that. Have a wonderful time in Germany! I can't wait to see all your photographs. I know they will be wonderful!

  5. What will be your next big project? I bet it will be awhile before you start one. This one took forever!

  6. Glad you are back blogging, but so sorry to hear about your relative's illness. Your kitchen is looking good! Nice countertops! Enjoy the Christmas markets and the river cruise. You will love the food, too. Have fun in Chicago. I will be leaving cold Europe to go back home to warm Louisiana this Wednesday. Who knows when our remideling job will be done! Linda @Wetcreek Blog

  7. Hope everything goes ok with your loved one. Cancer is a scary diagnosis.XX
    The kitchen is looking great, it will be wonderful when its completed.

  8. That Christmas Rhine cruise sounds delightful and your kitchen is coming together.