November 19, 2013

Christmas Window Display at Macy's on State Street in Chicago

The train station in Kenosha, Wisconsin is the end for the line for the Metra tracks that run to and from Chicago, and that is where you would have found me yesterday morning. I boarded the 7:51 AM train headed to Ogilive train station in the heart of Chicago. The train ride took us an hour and eighteen minutes. Just enough time for all three of us to chat and catch up about things happening in our lives. The purpose of today's visit to the Windy City was to eat lunch at the famous Walnut Room located in Macy's, which was originally Marshall Field's and Company.

As we approached State and Randolph Street, I could see one of the Great Clocks that adorn each corner of the historic Marshal Fields building that now houses Macy's department store. On the opposite corner of the building on State and Washington street is an identical clock.

This iconic clock has kept people in Chicago on time for over one hundred years.

The clock weighs over seven tons and has ornamental ironworks that are just gorgeous.

This years window theme is The Magic of Christmas, this was the same theme as the Christmas windows from 2012, with a few windows being refreshed. I did a post about the Macy's windows last year, you can read the post here.

Here, are few photos of the windows that have been refreshed for the Christmas windows for 2013.

This window features the Frango Mint factory.

This window shows children looking up at the Tiffany ceiling.

The Magic of Christmas at State Street Through the Years
show four different trees that have adorned the Walnut Room.

I have been going to  Chicago and viewing Marshal Fields now Macy's windows since I was a child. My father would take me on the North Shore train, no longer in existence, and we would look at the window display, visit Santa and have my picture taken.

Stop by tomorrow to see the Great Tree, the Tiffany ceiling, and what we ate at the Walnut Room.
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  1. The windows are just beautiful, what a perfect day for you!

  2. Oh doesn't time pass quickly when you are an adult? It seems no time at all since you posted about last year's wonderful trip to Macy's, yet as a child it seemed for ever from one Christmas to the next! Looking forward to your next post.

  3. What a fun tradition! I know that the three of you will have a joyous day in celebrating the upcoming holidays.

  4. How amazing are those decorations? We have visited New York a few times in the Christmas period and one of the nicest things is seeing the shops decorated for the festive season. Enjoy!

  5. I love Santa pictures, how lucky were u to have it taken with the Marshall Fields Santa, and a trip with your Daddy...such wonderful memories.