October 14, 2013

Week Two of the Kitchen Remodel

On Friday, I escaped the noise as Bob the Builder demolished the soffit in the kitchen, and headed to the condo in Door County with some of my friends to view the fabulous fall colors. When I returned home on Sunday I found large holes in the ceiling and the wall. They say it gets worse before it gets better, I'm holding on to that thought.

  1. Tuesday morning the floor was grouted. Wednesday I was able to walk on the floor, and Bob the Builder could continue his demo.
  2. While walking on the floor for the first time, I notice a chip in the tile. An appointment to replace that tile will have to be scheduled.
  3. Everything is removed, cabinets, countertops,  baseboards, and soffit. I was surprised when I came home and saw the kitchen!
  4. With the soffit removed, I could feel the cool weather of Autumn seeping in from the outside wall and the attic. This morning I woke up and check my thermostat, and it was 58 degrees inside my house. I just added a few layers.
  5. This pipe was inside the soffit and has me a tad bit concerned, let's hope it's not a problem.
  6. The electrician was busy all weekend bringing the electrical up to code. While it was still safe my neighbor of thirty five years, who is a retired electrician volunteered this time and talent and installed new wire and electrical boxes while the wall had an opening.
The cabinets have been delivered and are waiting in my garage for installation, but first Bob the Builder has to do a lot of dry wall work. 

Slow and steady wins the race can't wait until I can see the finish line.



  1. Just keep chanting "it'll be worth it in the end" because it will be your dream kitchen!

  2. Still puzzled why it is taking so long. But take lots of photographs of everything for you and future owners. Knowing exactly where plumbing and electricity lines are is very valuable. Our closet remodeling is supposed to begin Thursday. Wish us luck. Linda

  3. Wow! The floor looks fantastic! Good for you to spot the chip. Hugs!

  4. Oh yes, it most assuredly gets worse before it becomes infinitely better! Hang in there the End result is always worth it! Fingers crossed!

  5. Construction progress is so exciting!! Hope you love it when it's all done. :-)

  6. It's going to be fabulous, and will probably all come together quite quickly when it gets closer to the finish!

  7. This major work which I am sure will be major cost.