October 5, 2013

Week One of the Kitchen Remodel

The remodel of the kitchen began on Tuesday. I have been told by many people that things get worse before they get better, I am looking forward to the better.

  1. This is how my kitchen looked before the remodel.
  2. Everything removed from my kitchen and ready for the work to begin.
  3. Wood laminate floor removed, baseboards, stove, and some cabinets.
  4. How could these pipes cause so much damage?
  5. Original linoleum floor from 1972.
  6. Sub floor installed and the start of the installation of  the porcelain tiles. 
One week down five more to go.


  1. How exciting!! I say eat out! I can't wait to see the finished product, you'll be in, in time for holiday baking and cooking.

  2. How exciting, I would love some new counter tops, and backsplash and a new stove top....wow there I go...I can't wait to see it....Phyllis

  3. What fun, what fun! I can't wait to see the finished kitchen! Hang in there through the labor pains...that baby is going to be fun!

  4. It's going to be fabulous Paulette!

  5. Now I understand why you "need" a new kitchen. Not sure why it takes 6 weeks, tho'. Are they building the cabinets on the spot? Linda

  6. I really liked your old kitchen Paulette!! It will be nice to have your new one for Christmas though wont it?

  7. Wow! Your kitchen underwent dramatic changes! It looks more beautiful than it was before. I like the personality it now has. It looks concrete and well defined as well. Nice job!

    Paddy Wright