October 1, 2013

Titanic ~ Love the Movie and the Museum

I was fascinated when I saw the Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri as we drove past it on 76 County Boulevard.

The museum is a two story building, built half scale in the shape of the Titanic. The museum is anchored, in water, to create the illusion of the Titanic at sea.

I like the fact that it was a self guided tour, so we were able to wander about the ship at our leisure. As we entered the ship, we were handed a boarding pass with the name of an actual Titanic passenger, and what class they were traveling. In the Titanic memorial room, the last stop of the tour, we found out the fate of our passenger.

Pauline Gibson was traveling with her daughter who was the famous actress, Dorothy Gibson.

The museum has four hundred artifacts and treasures, with twenty exhibit rooms, from the ship decks, to the halls, state rooms, photographic gallery, with many exhibits being interactive. Such as touching an iceberg or seeing how long you can keep your hand inside a bowl of water that is the same temperature as the water was the night the ship sank.

The Edwardian era Grand Staircase

Glamorous light fixture above the Grand Staircase

First class stateroom

Third class room

1912 telegraph equipment for sending passengers messages

The Memorial room

We ended our tour in the Memorial room anxious to find out the fate of our passenger. Pauline Gibson and her daughter Dorothy Gibson did survive. As I read about their lives after surviving the crash of the Titanic, I found that Pauline and Dorothy became Nazi sympathizers and moved to Germany. I was very disappointed and disgusted.

I enjoyed touring the Titanic museum, the tour brought up memories of my mother's Aunts story of a sinking ship and how they survived.

I will share part one of this story with you on tomorrows post.


  1. That would be such an interesting place to visit - so neat!!

  2. Looks amazing! The concept of a self-guiding tour with a personal passenger card makes it even more in depth. Interesting to see how some passengers turned out after surviving such a disaster.

  3. The last place I would have thought that a museum about the Titantic would be Missouri because it is inland.