December 12, 2012

Annie Sloan Painted Doll Dresser

My granddaughter, LuLu Belle loves her American Girl doll, we had her birthday party at the American Girl Cafe this year, you can read about that post, here.

After lunch, we browsed the store and let LuLu Belle show us what she would like for Christmas. I was shocked at the prices, for example, a plastic claw foot bathtub with cardboard and plastic accessories was over seventy dollars.

While I was visiting my local St. Vincent DePaul's thrift shop strolling up and down the isles I spotted a small doll dresser priced at only $4.99. I thought it would be perfect of the 18" American Girl doll.

As I have stated over and over again I do not have a DIY gene, but felt sure I could paint this small piece. I ordered my first Annie Sloan paint, wax and brushes.

The paint arrived, and I set up the card table in my living room and started to paint. (I know you can't believe I would paint in my living room, but come January there will be a remodel, so I didn't have much to lose.) I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture of the doll dresser before I started to paint. The dresser was the color of  drawers and had missing handles.

Doll dresser thrifted for $4.99.  
After two coats of paint, I was ready to apply a few coats of wax, add the new drawer handles, which were findings for jewelry, but worked perfect for drawer handles, line the drawers, and add the doll clothes.

Jewelry findings and glued on bling were used for the long drawers,
I had to repainted the wooden handles silver for the top two drawers
because the store didn't have another package of the jewelry findings I  used.

Pink and purple paisley paper line the drawers.

The top drawers always hold under garments.

Some causal clothes for her American Girl doll.

Hot pink skirt, white tee shirt and a pair of roller skates. Skate party!

My $4.99 doll dresser painted and waxed with Ann Sloan products
and ready to be wrapped for my sweet granddaughter's  Christmas present.

It may not be perfect because I don't have the DIY gene, but it was painted, lined, and filled with doll clothes and a whole lot of love for my sweet LuLu Belle as one of her Christmas presents.



  1. So pretty, you did a wonderful job! I am sure that your granddaughter will be thrilled.

  2. I love it!
    I would have been thrilled with it for my Sindy dolls when I was a little girl. X

  3. What a wonderful job on a wonderful present, im sure she will cherish it more than any $70.00 factory made thing!

  4. How utterly adorable! She is going to love it and treasure it for a very long time!