December 13, 2012

Christmas Toys Remembered

Today I finished my Christmas shopping for my grandchildren, thank goodness. Memories of the toys I received when I was a child filled my mind.  See if you received any of these toys for Christmas.

My accordion was red and black.

I learned to add on this as I recall I didn't really like this toy.

I loved those little cookie cutter and would use
them when I was playing with my clay.
I am so happy that children still play Jacks, it was my favorite game.
Tom Thumb cash register was among my favorite toys.

Cootie what a fun game.

The metal clicker was a source of aggravation for my parents.
Often this toy went missing for days at a time.
Hours of fun, I would pry out the numbers
so I could complete the puzzle.

Paper dolls you needed a steady hand while
cutting so you wouldn't cut off the tabs.

Pop beads wore them to church for many years when I was young.
Jumping beans, they had weights in the bottoms of the beans.
The round red discs were plain on one side and had a number
of the other this is how I learned how to tell time.

What Christmas toys do you remember? 
Photos from the youtube video 

Christmas Memories Toys and Music from the 1950's and 60's.


  1. I always loved my paper dolls! I saw a Tom Thumb cash register at a thrift store this summer and it was so adorable but it was missing one piece so I left it. I hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas!

  2. Many of these brought back memories.
    Thanks for that!

  3. We had cooties and those beads, my sister was always trying to eat them!

  4. Great images Paulette. I always wanted an accordian - never got one though. I used to love cut out dolls too. I was a big doll fan in fact right up until I was about 13 I think! My daughter wasn't interested in dolls at all. Oh and Jacks, I never ever learned how to play them. xx

  5. I loved those paper dress up dolls, I'd play with them for hours. I remember getting a post office set one year, I loved that present.

  6. What a fun, nostalgic post! I loved all those toys, except I didn't have an accordian-I had a guitar with a crank on the side that played the music. And I *loved* the game Cootie. The cooties were lots cuter than the newer version. And the cash register! Loved those little value-less plastic dimes - just like the ones the U.S. Treasury creates now! :-)

  7. My cousins had a Tom Thumb cash register and I loved it!
    I still have my Easy Bake oven in the orginal box.