December 20, 2012

The Scrawny Little Tree a Wonderful Christmas Story

I'm having a nostalgic kind of Christmas this year, my tree is trimmed with shiny brites from times gone by, my mother's crewel work of beautiful cardinals on an ever green branch is hung so all can enjoy her handy work, and my children's Christmas books are piled high for me to read to my grandchildren.

Some of my vintage Christmas aprons and handkerchiefs were laundered and ironed and became gifts for some of my friends. I even convinced my oldest daughter to include in her teacher gifts a vintage Christmas apron and handkerchief, I wonder if these two teachers like vintage, let's hope so.

The best part of Christmas is reading my Christmas books to the grandchildren. I will start reading to one of the smaller grandchildren, and before the book is finished I will often times have all of them sitting around me while I read the stories. 

This year I am particularly fond of the book:  
The Scrawny Little Tree: A Christmas Story, 
written by Ed Mehler and illustrated by Susie Pollard.

My copy is an ex library book with a copyright of 1970

This holiday story is written with rhyming text, and illustrated with retro red and green ink drawings. A small poor boy saves his pennies to buy a Christmas tree, a message about "meager means and ample gratitude."

The little boy with arm so small,
saved pennies... though very poor,
to buy himself a Christmas tree,
which he'd never had before.
He placed it there before the door,
so everyone could see,
and sitting til the darkness came,
admired his little tree.
The little tree shed a tear,
but it was a tear of joy,
he felt contentment deep inside,
how he loved that little boy!
...the boy awoke at dawn,
and stood beneath the tree,
but could not believe his eyes...
for, in the spot where he had placed the scrawny little tree,
stood the most majestic one,
in all of history.
...and, the tree they planted in the town,
stand prouder than before,
a reminder of the power of love...
to stand forevermore...

What Christmas stories are you reading to your children or grandchildren this holiday season? I'm always looking for good books to read.


  1. I really enjoyed your little book. Packing day.

  2. Such a special Christmas book, Paulette. Your vintage Christmas approach sounds so wonderful. All the best to you and your family in this holiday season.

  3. Your book is lovely. My younger sister had a book called 'Robin finds Christmas', and I used to read that to K when she was little, and then to KL when she was born 7 years later. I think my Mum bought it at a jumble sale, and I'm certain that it's packed away somewhere in my attic.