December 17, 2012

Thrift Share and a Christmas Angel

The parking lots have been full every time I pull into either St. Vincent DePaul's or Goodwill, the store is filled with the sounds of Christmas music, and people are filled with the spirit of Christmas.  

While checking out I witnessed a Christmas kindness, and it touched my heart and filled my eyes with tears. An older woman was checking out, the cashier gave her the total amount due, the woman didn't have enough money for her items. Embarrassed the woman started to leave the store, but a Christmas angel quickly ran to the door and told the woman she would pay for her items. 

As I was leaving the store, (I was in a different check out lane), the two women were embracing, and both were smiling. That for me is what Christmas is all about small acts of kindness and showing brotherly love.

Brad Paisley's song "What If He's an Angel" has a refrain that has been a reminder for me to do my best.

"What if he's an angel sent here from heaven

And he's making certain that you're doing your best
To take the time to help one another
Brother are you going to pass that test
You can go on with your day to day
Trying to forget what you saw in his face
Knowing deep down it could have been his saving grace

What if he's an angel "

I was thrilled to pick up these two items this week.

This mug set was all taped up with a price tag of $3.99 sitting on the end of the self. I was attracted by the red and while colors and thought it would be a fun thing, to have around so all the grandchildren and myself could enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and candy canes in matching cups. I was thrilled when I turned it over to see that this was a Crate & Barrel product. I went on the Crate & Barrel site and found that the Pick Me Up Mugs with tray sold for $24.95. I love thrift shopping!

On the top shelf sat my next thrift item that I filled with Christmas items that I hadn't used to decorate.

Shinny Brite striped ball and small ornaments...

bottle brush trees ...

jingle bells ..

gold tinsel ...

fill this glass Christmas tree. Glass tree $1.99.

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  1. Some lovely finds Paulette and what a lovely story about human kindness.

  2. At a thrift store last week I saw a senior asking the Salvation Army if they had any sofas in good shape - they didn't have any furniture so he was asking where he could find some. Another man, who looked like he didn't have much in the world spoke up and said he had a nice couch in good condition just down the road if the man wanted for free - it was nice to see.

  3. I love that helping others out is still being done! We see so much negative! Love your fun finds and yes it's why I thrift also...Crate & Barrel item for a bargain price! Good find!
    hugs, Linda

  4. I love your finds (especially that mug set!) but more than anything I love that sweet story. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You certainly have some great finds...and great ideas! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog... and Merry Christmas!

  6. What a beautiful thing you witnessed at the store. I hope we all will keep our eyes open for small acts of kindness we can do to help our friends, family, and strangers at the store.

  7. Love your mug finds!!! Great story at the Goodwill. Love that store too:) New follower. Follow me too