December 11, 2012

1950 Christmas Shows

My Facebook page has been filled with friends writing about favorite Christmas television programs. I fondly remember many and came upon a few that I had forgotten all about.

I had forgotten all about these short stories  that would air during the Christmas season on the Chicago television channel WGN in the 1950's. 

Hardrock, Coco, Joe: The Three Little Dwarfs  aired in 1956

Suzy Snowflake aired in 1953

Hardrock, Coco, Joe: The Three Little Dwarfs  aired in 1956. These three elves wanted to go along with Santa and help him. 

The Santa now looks a tad bit scary to me, but when I was eight years old I just loved this film. While looking up information on these two short films, I found out that in the 1950's they only aired in the Chicago area on WGN and in Western Pennsylvania on an NBC affiliate. 

Suzy Snowflake, was another of my favorites, when it was shown on television I knew that Christmas was coming soon.

I can still remember all of the words to this song, tap, tap tappin on your window pane, I like that part.

As I view these two films from my childhood I am amazed how far technology has come, but I still love these black and white stop motions classic films and their songs, but most of all I love the feelings I get when I watch and remember those past Christmases.



  1. Such sweet memories; thanks for sharing them!

  2. don't believe i've ever seen either of these...they were sweet. I miss things that are sweet. you very rarely hear that term anymore...such a shame.
    thks for letting me hear/see them!