December 8, 2012

Victorian Mansion Sparkles For Christmas ~ Part 2

Heading upstairs of the Durkee Mansion the decoration theme of the "Victorian Jewel Box" continues onto the second floor.

Heading to the second floor the railings have
garland looped across the banister.
This suspension staircase is the largest of its kind in Wisconsin.
The first of the four  bedrooms on the second floor. 
I wouldn't want to sleep with this over my head,
but the effect was stunning.
A charming Victorian bedroom.
This appeared to be a gentleman's bedroom.
Every bedroom had a Christmas tree.
No detail was left out during the decoration of the mansion.
I'm sure the lady of the house would have this bedroom. Stunning!
Perhaps she entertained on overnight guest.
The child's bedroom. 
I stood at this doorway for a long time,
there was so many intriguing items to see.

The display in this room looked like a postcard.
This tiny alcove sits at the top of the staircase. One might think it was built
for decorative purposes, but in fact, is called a coffin niche. This small room
was built on the second floor so that they would be able to easily move
long bulky items such as a fainting couch, and of course a coffin.

Happy Hanukkah! To everyone celebrating the Festival of Lights, 
I wish you and your family peace and happiness. 


  1. It's so pretty. Wow! I must say I've never heard of a coffin room before. They have a piano in there!

  2. Paulette, indeed this is a lovely place! But I get exhausted just thinking about having to take down all the decorations and return them to the storage boxes. Whew! Happy Holidays!

  3. Its just beautiful. Old houses really do look amazing at Christmas and the Victorians really did know how to do glam.

  4. Beautiful rooms! Thanks for sharing--love the bedrooms all decked out