December 6, 2012

Dinning in the Walnut Room a Christmas Tradition

Dinning on the seventh floor of Macy's in the iconic Walnut Room during the Christmas season has been delighting locals and tourists for 105 years and has become a Christmas tradition for many people.

Reservations are not accepted at the Walnut Room you are seated on a first come first served basis, lines during the holidays are long, but well worth the wait.

The Walnut Room not only sells food but Christmas memories. A 45 foot Christmas tree with 6,600 lights and 10,000 ornaments sits in the middle of the main dinning room. The theme of this year's Great Tree is "You're a Star."

This was my first glimpse of the Great Tree while I
was standing in line waiting to be seated.
Everyone waiting in line is hoping for a seat in the main dinning area near the Great Tree. I too had my fingers crossed for a view of the tree while eating.

We were fortunate to get a table so close to the tree, made me happy.

This was one of the Christmas window displays outside of Macy's
it is a remarkably good illustration of the restaurant.

Before we even sat down we all knew what we were going to order, Mrs. Herring's chicken pot pie. A clerk Mrs. Herring was found serving her delicious pot pie to female customers in a stock room that room became the Walnut Room. The restaurant is still selling Mrs. Herring's pot pies. Over 12,000 pounds of pot pie is eaten during the holiday season.

Severed with a small side salad, the pot pie sells for $10.95.

Remember when pot pies had a bottom crust? I miss that.

Of course, we had dessert!

Frango Mint Ice Pie
A Christmas fairy wonders around the dinning area with her magic wand and fair dust helping dinners make their Christmas wishes.

The Christmas fairy helping to grant Christmas wishes.
Every five minutes the large stars lights, would flash on
and off making the tree even more magical.

After our fabulous lunch was over, we headed to the 8th floor to have one last look at the Great Tree from above.

View of the Great Tree in the Walnut Room from the 8th floor.


  1. How wonderful! I had no idea of the "Walnut room" was in Macy's. Right now we are currently doing a production of "Here's Love" (Miracle on 34th Street) So I am up to my ears in vintage "Macy's" sets!

  2. Yum yum, your lunch looks so delicious. The tree is gorgeous. What a fun outing! WIsh I was there.

  3. I have absolutely loved your posts about your trip to Macy's. We watched Miracle on 34th St last weekend ( for the umpteenth time!), so I can't wait to show KL your posts when she gets home!