December 10, 2012

Gift for a Bird Lover - Bird Boudoir

A thoughtful and affordable gift to make for a bird lover.

This gift is easy for children to make and is a thoughtful and affordable gift.

I purchased the suet basket and suet on sale at my local home improvement store, cost was just over two dollars for these items.

Suet basket and some suet are main components.

Found items around my house that I purchased while thrift shopping that the birds could use for making a nest, found my scissors, and ruler, I was ready to make my bird boudoir.

Some material suggestions that you may have around your house: 
Natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, or burlap. Cut fabric pieces 3"- 6" long, and no wider than 1".
String, ribbon lace or yarn again no longer than 3" - 6.
Cloth batting wool or cotton no longer than 3" - 6, feathers from an old down pillow work great.

A search on the internet gave me a list of what to use for bird nesting materials. 
I used jute, lace, ribbon, and cotton threads. All of  these items were from thrift stores.

At the first signs of spring place the nesting materials inside the wire basket. How fun it would be to look up in the trees and see colorful ribbon and cloth woven from your wire basket that helped make the bird boudoir.
When ready to use the nesting materials, items from the backyard such as,
grass clipping, sphagnum or tiny twigs can be added to the basket. 

I made a tag on my computer with instruction and tied it with a red ribbon.


  1. Thats a great idea Paulette.We have been away for the weekend and stayed in a gorgeous little cottage in the Yorkshire dales where there were bird feeders all about the cottage garden.It was fascinating to see how many different varieties of birds visited.

  2. What a great idea for a Christmas present for my 87 year old mom! She has a screened in back porch and watches all of the wild animals that pass by her house. She will love hanging this in her sweetgum tree. Now to find the suet basket at Home Depot or Lowes on Wednesday.

  3. Did you ever believe that the Beekman boys would win? I was surprised. My neighbor has a bird feeder out in the summer.

  4. That's a great idea. Gifts don't have to cost very much, and this one will give hours of pleasure for the recipient as they watch all the birds visit their garden.

  5. Maybe this should be called Bird Boutique. Great shopping for our feathered friends!