December 4, 2011

Thrift Share

I went thrift shopping to St. Vincent DePaul's and to the GW Boutique on the days that they were offering senior citizen discounts. I figured since I turned 60 I might as well admit I am a senior and take advantage of the discounts that they are offering.

As I was wondering the aisles, in St. Vincent DePaul's one of the clerks pushed a cart full of treasures to the end of the aisle I was standing in.  I love getting first crack at stuff. My eye caught this cute little guy, and later when the whole cart was empty, and I rechecked the Christmas aisle I found his smaller friend.

Each little solider cost 89¢ after my senior 
citizen discount if 10% they were 80¢ each.

Labels on the bottoms of my little men. 
Does anyone know where they are from?

As I examined the soldier's 
I found they came apart.

 head and hat

The expression on the heads of these soldiers makes me wonder what they are thinking or perhaps what kind of mischief did they get into. This has become one of my favorite thrift finds.

My dear friend Eener, which is a nickname, it's her name spelled backwards (Renee), loves pounded aluminum trays, baskets, bowls you get the idea, and whenever I see any I get it for her. She has been collecting aluminum for many years and has acquired some beautiful pieces, but has informed me that she has no storage room for any more. This was right after I picked up these two beauties from the GW Boutique.
This tray and oval shallow bowl are stamped
Hand Wrought Creation by Rodney Kent.
The tray was $3.99, and the oval piece was $2.99, 
and this time the senior citizen discount was 15%.

A tulip design is center stage on
both of these pieces.

The handle pattern on both pieces is lovely.

I think I will clean up these pieces and start 
my on collection of Rodney Kent aluminum.

What did you find this week while thrift shopping? I can't wait to see!

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  1. Hi there, I think your little soldiers may be made by Brio. I think that they are sweet. And I just loved those trays.

    Enjoy your sunday.

  2. Gorgeous finds. The soldiers made me smile, and the trays are just beautiful. I think starting your own collection is a great idea. I think it's wonderful that the stores give senior citizen discounts in America - long may it continue.I've never seen anything like that in England , and I've charity shopped in quite a few areas over the years. If anything the quality is going down and the prices are rising fast.

  3. cute wee soldiers! I love that they come apart and I have a vague recollection of playing with something like this when I was young.... perhaps at my gramma's place?????

  4. The soldiers look pristine, what a great find!

  5. Hi Paulette, my late mother in law used to do a lot to help st Vincent DePaul's so it has brought us some happy memories too.Lovely finds

  6. Loved the soldiers - how fun that they come apart. They would keep our grandchildren busy for hours.

  7. Those soldiers are fantastic - too special just for christmas! They would be perfect for a little boys room :-)

  8. Love the darling soldiers and what a special treat that they come apart for play! The aluminum trays are truly gorgeous. Your friend Eenar will be sorry she has no room for these beauties.

  9. They really are beautiful, lovely detail x

  10. I like the expressions - it is as though they are catching each others' eyes ;-)

  11. I totally adore the stacking soldiers. They'd look right at home in my daughter's playroom!

    I've never heard of that type of aluminium ware before but it looks amazing. Really appeals to my magpie tendencies!

    Thanks for linking up x

  12. i love your soldiers! and the fact that they can be taken apart too. they just dont make stuff like these anymore. the other day my sister was looking for wooden toys and she had a hard time looking... most were made in plastic :( great finds u have there :)