May 2, 2013

What Do Your Grandchildren Call You?

Today is my grandsons birthday, he turns five. It seems like, in a blink of an eye, he has grown up, I can hardly believe he will start kindergarten in the fall.

Happy Birthday, Harrison, my sweet, exquisitely charming, clever, lovable boy.❤ Five years ago I fell in love with my precious newborn baby grandson, and my love for him continues to grow every day.

Before my first grandson, Declan was born, I decided that I didn't want to be called grandma, but what name would I select.  I had many options to choose from,  I immediately dismissed babcia and busha, the Polish words for grandmother, Nana, Meemaw, and granny didn't appeal to me either.

While watching the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding I heard the Greek term for grandmother, which is YaYa, and I decided that was what my grandchildren would call me. 

I am blessed to have five of the most delightful, charming, brilliant, and wondrous grandchildren who all call me YaYa.

Some of my friends who are grandparents opted to be called; granna, gran, nana, and mimi. 

What do your grandchildren call you? Do you think it is confusing for children if we don't call ourselves grandmother/grandma?

No matter what name we choose to be called by our wee ones they give us their unconditional love and trust. I am blessed to have my five amazing grandchildren, and I am thrilled to be celebrating Harrison's birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Harrison
❤ I love you 


  1. My mother is called YiaYia too because my sister-in-law is Greek. My MIL is Nanny, and my stepmom is Gigi. The kids aren't confused at all!

    But I wanna be called Granny like the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey. I've always thought I was Grand enough for it.

  2. I won't be too picky. My future grand kiddies can call me anything my son wants. ;)

  3. Happy Birthday to Harrison! Such a handsome wee guy he is too.

    I have no grandchildren (yet) but when I do have, anything but MeMaw will suit me just find; I don't know why but I never could stand MeMaw, lol.

  4. Happy Birthday Declan! He shares it with my bil and the twin cousins, along with our wedding anniversary today. What a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday Harrison! (What a grand name!) I loved my grandma so much that if I ever have grandchildren, I hope they will call me grandma! I can't stand MeMaw either! I actually know a lot of MeMaws! LOL!

  6. I don't have any grandchildren, but I suppose they might call me Grandma. Isn't that original? Funny thing is that when my daughter was born, she couldn't quite say Grandma and it came out sounding like "Donner". Guess what she still calls my mother? She is the only grandchild with that special name for my mother. In a way, I'm glad because my brother's children all call my mother Meemaw, which like other posters, I really don't care for (at all). My husband's mother is called Monie by all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

    Little Harrison is so adorable and I can see his YaYa is most definitely blessed.

  7. My Mom's Dad was from Greece,so he was Papou. But her Mom was Grandma. My Mom was YiaYia to my kids. And I am YiaYia, too.