May 29, 2013

Estate Sale Treasures

When I attend an estate sale, I always look for the items on my most wanted list, but most of the time the items speak to me. Often times from the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of something and more often than not I purchase that item. Do items seem to call your name, or perhaps I'm losing it?

Here are the items that called to me . . .

When I shop estate sales, I always open cabinet doors and check in back dark corners for any unnoticed treasures. That is where I found this yellow and black, 4 quart, number 444 gooseberry Pyrex bowl for only $3.00.

Sitting right next to the Pyrex was this fabulous enamel pot with red trim in near perfect condition. Sadly these two treasures didn't have their matching lids, but I love them anyway. Sitting on the kitchen table was half a bag of Keen Eye plastic clothes pins, I like using plastic clothes pins so of course I grabbed them.

New in the original box this owl bank called to me to take her/him home and I did.

Also, unused and it the original box, tear drop candles, and twelve, one inch star candle holders that were made in Denmark.

Two needlecraft kits, and I don't sew!

I thought the turtle and owl pendants were fun and might complement some of my summer outfits.

Vinyl coated paper place mats from Hallmark will give my summer table a retro vibe.

Vintage wire hanging lamp cages, L O V E.

I did find a few other items at this amazing sale that I will share later, so ends my saga of the estate sale.

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  1. You are NOT Crazy! Things speak to me at Estate sales as well! HOW LUCKY $3.00 for the Gooseberry! And I just love the little 1" star candle holders. I love a good "old" borderline "gritty" estate sale, one always finds the best things there!

  2. I am the same way, things always speak to me too! I love the lamp cages!

  3. Girlfriend....I am not sure what I like the most? the owl, oh maybe the pyrex! Good find, my friend called me from a road trip about a white and black gooseberry, sm bowl and it was $8.

  4. Fab finds there!! I especially like the last items.I would put a plant pot in each of them in the garden.

  5. I think everything you bought would call out to me too!! Great finds! Gooseberry is so pretty, isn't it?

  6. Fun Finds! I use my 'drop light' cage in lots of silly places, right now it's on top of a little shelf with a bunch of garden just sneaks into the silliest vignettes!

  7. Fabulous finds - I love all of them! I have a gooseberry serving dish in the same colourway which I bought at a carboot sale.