May 22, 2013

My heart aches as I know does everyone else, for all affected by the horrific tragedies in Oklahoma.

Before I retired, I worked in a public school for twenty two years, today, I pray for every educator I am blessed to know and count as a friend. Whether they have blessed my grandchildren with their love and special passions or I have crossed your path professionally, I believe you did not choose this profession, it chose you.

Hearing of teachers laying down their lives for students is a super power beyond anyone's scope. Every day, teacher's enter a room of beating hears and offer themselves up to them.

Bless you all.


  1. I completely agree with your sentiments Paulette.I couldnt be a teacher, it takes someone with endless patience and a certain gift.

  2. So true Paulette; it is a real calling to be a teacher and they can make such a difference in a young life.

    I particularly recall an English teacher in my high school years, Mrs. Bartley, who became a good friend after I'd graduated. She gave me a huge red 'F' on a paper one day with the note "Come and talk with me after class." The gist of our conversation was thus: "You wrote a 'cute' paper that would thrill me coming from most of the people in this class, but from you? You write better than this, you ARE better than this, so either write from your heart or don't write at all."

    After I recovered from the shock it struck me that she believed in me and believed I was capable of more, she was the first person to say something like that to me and it made me want to make her proud. Shortly thereafter she began entering my poetry in various school and regional contests; and I won every one. She changed my life forever and I think of her often and thankfully.

  3. My heart goes out to those in Oklahoma who are suffering. It is hard for us here to comprehend the scale of the devastation.

    My daughter is an English teacher - it is a tough and often thankless task and yet there are moments in her days that make it all worthwhile for her. She is much loved by many of her students and they want to make her proud because they know how much effort she puts in and how she cares about them. It is a shame that our government shows such disdain for these dedicated professionals.