May 23, 2013

Thrift Find

Like so many of my fellow bloggers I have been trying to cut back on my thrift purchases, I continue to stop at my favorite thrift stores, but most of the time I walk out empty handed. The prices are ridiculous, and I truly don't need any more stuff.

However, I have built in an exception rule that allows me to purchase something that I think is fabulous and I will use. If the thrift item meets those two requirements is priced within my budget, more times than not, it comes home with me.

When I saw these bowls sitting on the cart, I was immediately attracted to them. I liked the simple lines, the tilt of the bowl, and the glass feet.

The Bodum bowls, from the Garoo series will look stunning when I am serving buffet style or at Christmas time filled with my vintage ornaments, and even flowers floating would be delightful.

The large bowl was $3.99, medium bowl $2.99 and the small bowl $1.99. For nine dollars plus tax, I have a very attractive trio of serving bowls. 

I have plenty of serving bowls from Polish Pottery to Pyrex, but I thought I could use a little modern elegance. Would you have purchased these bowls? All three or just one certain size? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 



  1. They are very elegant bowls and I think they would be quite expensive to buy normally.

  2. You can not go wrong with Bodum! Lucky you!

  3. I would have snatched them up in an instant!

  4. Nothing like a trio for decorating, at that price I would of bought all 3. They are beautiful!

  5. These bowls are so pretty and very modern! I would have bought all three! So many uses, serving food of course, but also filled with ornaments, shells, flowers! Gorgeous! Great find and a good buy I would say! Thanks for joining Diann and I at TTF!


  6. Great finds! I hear you about cutting is now time for serious creating : ) thanks for sharing...sending hugs...