May 3, 2013

Friday Musings

Why is it that when I am taking photos, especially of my grandchildren, I capture the most peculiar facial expression OR someone walks in front of me just before I can capture that perfect shot.

Case in point. . .

No one asked the boys to make ugly faces or said anything to them that would produce such facial expressions. I swear they were both smiling before the shutter snapped. Geez

When you see someone with a camera pointed at someone they are probably going to take a picture, could you wait just one moment? Womp Womp

While reading the paper the other day I came across an article with this header;

Woman, 80, swallow diamond at Florida charity event

It seems that a Woman's club was hosting a charity event, for $20 dollars you bought a flute of champagne and a chance to win a $5,000, diamond that was one carat in size.

Three hundred ninety nine glasses had cubic zirconium stones in the bottom of the glasses while the four hundredth glass contained the real diamond.

Organizers hovered around two tables that they believed the winners to be sitting at waiting for someone to squeal with joy. While waiting with anticipation for the winner to speak up, they were told that Miriam Tucker swallowed what was in her glass.

After a colonoscopy and retrieval of the stone, they went to a jewelry story to have the diamond cleaned and verify that the stone was real. (I want to say, NO SHIT, but that would be inappropriate.) She plans to make a necklace for her granddaughter who is thirteen, lucky little girl.

You can read the entire Associated Press article here.

On Thursday, Miriam, her daughter, and granddaughter appeared on the David Letterman show.


And that my dear blog friends is what is making me scratch my head and wonder why?



  1. That story is making me scratch more than my head! What a hoot! And the funny face photos - so true - but you never know, one of those might go viral then you can have a flute full of bubbly, too!

    1. I almost chocked on my coffee when while I was reading the story.

  2. Fabulous story Paulette!! I know what you mean about taking photos, I just keep snapping away til I get some that are half decent!

    1. I use that same strategy when taking photos, click, click, clicking away, and if I'm lucky I will get one decent photo. I get so frustrated when I'm taking a photo of all of them together, and one of the older ones sticks out their tongue or makes horns on someones head, and it turns out to be the best of the lot. Kids you gotta love them.

  3. hahahahaha thats a funny story! i think the funny faces of ur grandkids are cute :)

    1. I almost chocked on my morning coffee when I read the article. What a funny/dangerous fundraiser. Thanks for visiting ♥

  4. You got a nice shot of a leg. I can't image someone swallowing anything that size in a drink.

  5. Love the Crazy Birds hat- my son is obsessed with them at the moment.Rx