May 20, 2013

Beauty in the Spine of a Book

I have an affection for ephemera, in particular books, children's books without exception catch my fancy, but I also am attracted to a book by its spine.

Tossed in a box with piles of romance novels stacked upon it, I spotted the small leather bound spine of the book titled, Prayer. The spine and corners are worn, the inside page shows it was published by Auburn: Alden, Beardsley and Co. in 1852.

Old books are very popular in home decorating and crafting, and indeed they add beauty to any decor. 

Not only do my books add visual beauty to my rooms, but often times I find myself in reverie making up stories of where the book has been and who has been holding and reading it.

How many hands have held this book and prayed, and how many prayers have been answered? For me, this book is a treasure. 



  1. I agree with you but the best books are those that have been passed down through the generations if you are so lucky to have some.

  2. Nothing like the feel and look of a book! Sorry I have been missing your posts!

  3. Any hints on how to get rid of "musty dusty" smell on old books? Our library is dry, but some of our family heirloom books are still smelling mildewy. What do you do to make your old books smell good?

    1. I place the book inside a Ziploc bag and put it inside the freezer for several days. This often will remove the dusty, musty smell and kill all the dust mites. Hope this will be helpful for you.

  4. I love old books too. My favorite on my bookshelf is an 1894 copy of Pilgrim's Progress. Alas, the spine is almost gone.

  5. Oh I love the spine of that black book!

  6. That's an oldie, for sure!! Great find!

  7. Yup, old books are just so interesting!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger