February 1, 2012

Kenosha's Crown Jewel

Do you remember watching the Miss America pageant when you were a young child? I do, after watching the parade of states, I would hold my breath and chant my states name, Miss Illinois, Miss Illinois, I grew up in Illinois, and lived there until I was married.

 As I grew older, and women libbers were demanding equal rights, and denouncing the exploitations of women, I stopped watching pageants.

On January 14, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 2012 Miss America was crowned. Millions of viewers tuned in to see who was the fairest of the fair, I was not one of them.   

Yesterday mornings newspapers featured a special section dedicated to Miss America, Laura Kaeppeler, hometown Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Miss America Laura Kaeppeler, 23 of Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Graduated from St. Therese Grade School, 
St. Joe's High School, a 2010 graduate from Carthage College. 

I was filled with pride that the chosen Miss American was from Wisconsin and that she was born and raised in my hometown, Kenosha. Gone were the feelings from my college days that women's groups proclaimed about pageant. 

When I read the special section about OUR Miss America, I found she was a talented, hard working, woman who has faced many challenges in her life, and overcame them with hard work and dedication. 

I am delighted that our fine state of Wisconsin will gain some positive PR along with my hometown Kenosha.

Thank you Miss America, and congratulation - enjoy your reign. 


  1. Yep.... I can remember watching! I don't watch reality shows or pagents at all anymore as they just get stupider & stupider. (Is that a word??!!) LOL!!
    Congratulations to the winner...
    Have A Great Day!!

  2. Yeah, I didn't watch it either. i didn't even know it was happening. Anyway, congratulations to a 'fellow' Wisconsinite! What a beautiful girl, and sounds like a good representative of Wisconsin - hard working and dedicated.

  3. I don't watch them either. She is very pretty.

  4. Very pretty girl indeed!

    Enjoy thursday.