February 13, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

What a potpourri of items, was sitting inside, the estate sale I attended this weekend. When I walked into the house, the first thing I noticed was a rectangle framed print of three women in traditional costumes. My sister and I, stood for just a bit, to admire and talk about the lovely picture. The lady that ran the sale told us the women were wearing traditional Estonia costumes. 

The picture featured traditional Estonia costumes similar to this.
The husband was born in Germany, and the wife was born in Estonia. The house was filled with books in many different languages. They had a small library that was filled with books, magazines, travel brochures, and scrapbooks filled with souvenirs from their many trips. I found a child's trip diary, The Mexico Olympics, 1968. The child drew pictures and wrote about her experiences. 

Paper bound diary from Linda's 1968 Olympic trip to Mexico.

This picture depicts the speed walking event.
"No skipping, jumping or running - just walk."


Linda's ticket to the 1968 Olympics.
How could I pass this up?

I found a glass case that I thought was beautiful, I put it down, but because of the beautiful stitches, hand or machine done, I decided to purchase it for $.100.

The front has lovely flowers

while the back has Helbe Meyer's initials.

Such treasures inside this home, I like to think that Meyer's family had an exciting life with many happy memories.


  1. Those are lovely Paulette. Whilst I envy your having estate sales in America, I do find it a little sad at times. I'm so glad that there people like you who will love and appreciate things after their owners are gone.

  2. Wonderful finds! but how sad that the family were not interested in keeping those things. I always think the same thing when I'm in an antique shop and see huge family portraits that no one can identify. :-( But if anyone should get the glass case, I'm glad it was you, someone who appreciates the work and will treasure it.

  3. One day I will have to go to an estate sale. I will put it on my one day list.

  4. How nice that you could get some family history with the items you found. The Olympic journal is so fun!

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