February 23, 2012

A Walk

The weather was so mild yesterday that I decided I wanted a walk, so I could get some fresh air. My favorite place for a walk is the park by Lake Michigan. Here, are a few sights from around the lake.

So many different colors of blue. The water looked cold.

I wasn't the only one who wanted fresh air and a pleasant walk.

Several years ago freelance art pieces 
were installed throughout the part.

Empty boat docs are an unusual sight, during the 
summer  months they are filled with beautiful boats.

Fishing from the boat docs. 
I wonder did he catch any fish?

Patches of ice make it appear
like the geese are walking on water.
There has been no ice fishing on Lake Michigan this year 
in our area, but the ducks had choices; swim or skate.

After such  glorious weather, yesterday, my morning online local newspaper greeted me with this news....

I certainly shouldn't complain this winter has been so mild, but guess what, tomorrow when I have to snow blow and shovel.... I'll be complaining!


  1. Beautiful photos! I remember the first time I saw Lake Michigan... it was HUGE, with waves lapping on the shore. I would trade you just a "few flurries," mind you, for our expected 55mph winds expected today. Just a "few" flurries, okay? We don't handle snow here in the desert too well. Stay warm... and no falling down!

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  3. makes my cheeks cold while looking at your great shots
    hope you have a great weekend

  4. Loved your pictures, especially the one with the lighthouse. Hope you have a great day.


  5. What wonderful blue waters and bule skies!

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Something about those pictures makes me so antsy for spring!(and for a vacation)

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  7. Hi Paulette, the photos are stunning.I cant believe thats a lake! It looks like a sea, its huge.
    Have you had the snow yet?

  8. Loved your choice for the ducks, swim or skate.

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  10. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures! I'm enjoying our warmer weather, too. Not missing the snow one little bit. We missed a storm last weekend and I was delighted! Shoveling is not my favorite thing at all.
    Take care!

  11. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of the beach and for following me. I'm happily following you back through LF.~Poppy @ With a Dash of Color

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  13. Thanks for taking us on this beautiful walk. Yes, it's been a pretty mild winter here in Illinois. I do love our Lake Michigan

  14. Love the photos! Seagulls and lighthouses are two of my favorite things! :-)

  15. Paulette, these photos are stunning!!! My ex boyfriend moved up to your area from Cocoa Beach, he now surfs Lake Michigan- He sent me some pics recently, I have to say it looks amazing.