May 11, 2015

Birthday Fun and Pinterest Fail

I hope everyone had a glorious weekend, in my tiny world we not only celebrated Mother's Day but also gathered to celebrate the first year of life for my youngest grandson Dominick. It was indeed a weekend filled with fun, food, family and most importantly love.

Here my sweet little man offers me a taste of his birthday cake. Oh, how my heart melts from such innocents and true love.

I made deviled eggs, potato salad, and baked bean casserole for the celebration. As I was writing my shopping list of ingredients I'd need for cooking, I remembered a cute idea from Pinterest, a lovely, healthy snack for the children. I looked it up to make sure I would have all of the necessary ingredients to make it.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm really not a big fan of Pinterest. When my cousin Ruth from the blog Dian's Timpanalley sent me an invitation to join many years ago, I, of course, being as nosey as I am, joined. 

I have a few things saved, not many, but remembered this oh so cute healthy snack and thought this would be the perfect time to make it.

What could be healthier celery, craisins, peanut butter, I used soy peanut butter, we have allergies, and pretzels. 

How cute these will look, I thought, even the adults will want to taste them. I washed and cut the celery, and was excited to start assembling them. I decided to make the butterfly first. 

Quickly my enthusiasm was squashed by my first attempt. I tried another technique at assembling one only to be crushed again. After several attempts, I realized that this was not going to work!

Since we first eat with our eyes, I knew I could not take my creations to the party. How on earth could I mess up something that looked so easy to make?

Here is my Pinterest epic fail. . .

At the party, I was telling my sister and niece about my Pinterest disaster. My niece told me that I was certainly not the first person to have a Pinterest fail, but, in fact, there are sites all over the web showing other people's  Pinterest fails! 

I came home and did a Google search and was surprised to find that I was not the only one who did not succeed.

Have you had a Pinterest success or have you had an epic failure like I did? I would love to hear from you either way. 


  1. Paulette I have been so busy I missed that you were back blogging!! I missed you. Have to catch up I am behind on my reading.

  2. I never know if Pinterest fails or if I do! It is painful to be a bad cook. But I love to eat ! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. A belated happy birthday to your beautiful grandson. You can see the love that you share so clearly in that photograph.

  4. I do check pinterest occasionally but have had a couple of disasters myself. I can invent but not copy well.

  5. Hi, Paulette. Just checking in on you. Hope you are enjoying your summer and your grandkids. Greetings, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. Hoping all is well, have been missing you!

  7. Nope not yet! I am sure your adorable Grandson could care less, he appreciated Grandma's efforts!

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