August 26, 2013

Oh What Fun Social Media and Smartphone Cameras

Social media, in particular Facebook, was used during our family vacation, to keep the family members who couldn't be with us up to date on our vacation fun.

Cameras on smartphones helped capture that 'gotta take a picture of this moment, ' case in point while driving down highway 42 to Sister Bay for breakfast at Al Johnson's.

The car was filled with three children and two adults the windows were down, and we were enjoying the blue sky and the scenery. The conversation went something like this.

Who tooted?
Not me, it was you.
Eww, that is a nasty smell!

Following the curve on the highway we discovered we were right behind the STOOLBUS! I always thought they were called honey wagons, we all had a good laugh.

We arrived at Al Johnson's, a Swedish restaurant in Sister Bay, Wisconsin to dine on the Swedish pancakes and meatballs, and to see the goats on the roof, I did a post about this restaurant several years ago, click here.  

Another photo opportunity . . .

Al Johnson's is a very popular place to eat and often times the wait for a table can be long, but we know that if the counter is open you can walk right in and sit down. While others placed their names on a waiting list for a table, we saw all eight chairs empty at the counter we sat down. 

Of course, I needed a photo for a Facebook post. Here is the photo that I uploaded that morning.

This is my youngest daughter, her husband, her two younger boys and my oldest grandson. Shortly after this post my sister sent me a text asking why Susan was wearing her bar on the outside of her shirt. We all had a good laugh, well maybe not Susan, from this photo. Here are some comments from Facebook.

Often times cameras on smartphones are not the best quality, but if I didn't have a smartphone I would have missed this photos. I'm still chucking about these fun photos.

I am joining Smiling Sally for Blue Monday, stop by and checkout this fun blog party.


  1. Family fun is a good idea for a post. I like the blues on the counter top.

    I'm looking forward to reading your comment on my blog.
    Happy 1st Blue Monday, Paulette.

  2. So funny about the shirt -- I had the same thought when I first saw it! ;) And I love Al Johnson's! (We just call it "the goat on the roof place").

  3. These phones with cameras are just the best invention!!!

  4. That is so funny but it does look like a bra.

  5. Too funny about the t-shirt. I like the goat on the roof of the cabin. There is a place like that on Vancouver Island at a place called Coombs. It's quite the tourist attraction for those passing by.