September 19, 2013

Vintage Suitcases - Where Have You Been

I must admit that I prefer to travel with the new suitcase that are on wheels, that can do a 360 degree turn with just a finger tip. However, I love vintage and mid-century modern suitcases, in fact, during my first week of blogging I wrote about some suitcases I purchased that were used in my grandsons birth announcements if interested you can find that blog post by clicking here.

My cousin offered me three suitcases and the price was right, free, so home these little beauties came with me.

The bottom suitcase had tags attached indicating that the last time this suitcase traveled it flew Braniff airlines.

The inside of this suitcase is in wonderful condition and has a lovely soft green lining. This looks like a suitcase a woman would use.

The inside of this suitcase is in excellent condition with a tan lining that has black lines making small squares. This looks like a suitcase a man would have used. The outside is marred and scarred with black marks, this has been a well use suitcase.

The top suitcase belonged to someone who served in the Navy, A/C Douglas Blossom who was enlisted in the United States Naval Reserve. This is not a relative, and my cousin has no idea how she came to acquire this suitcase.

The inside of this suitcase is painted a rather drab brown, no side pockets, or straps to hold the clothing in place during transport. This is a no nonsense suitcase.

Three different suitcase handles all made of leather. I wonder where these cases traveled to? Was it a vacation destination, or perhaps to visit and take care of an ill relative, or it could have carried contents across the pond so that A/C Blossom could serve his country.

Three different suitcase if only they could tell of stories of where they have been.


  1. Where do you keep all these treasures?

  2. They are great Paulette. The one in the middle looks like one my dad gave me.He had it made for him in the 1940's and I now have all my family history things in there.Quite appropriate I think!

  3. What treasures! I remember when my parents had Samsonite luggage. I think it was called Samsonite because it took the strength of Samson to carry it. LOL I love the new, lighter, easier-to-maneuver suitcases of today, but love the look of the old ones!