September 24, 2013

Road Tripping to Branson

A road trip to Branson, Missouri was suggested by my friend Carol to me and our mutual friend Renee. We would stay at her time share, at no cost to either of us. We would split the gas three ways, and she would drive her van. We packed and were ready for our six day adventure.

Branson, Missouri is nestled in the Ozark Mountains and has become a popular tourist destination due to the theaters that line 76 County Boulevard and Shepard of the Hill Expressway. There is 192 attraction that can be attended morning, noon and evening.

Branson, Missouri is 629 miles from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
About two hours away from Branson, I began to see billboard advertising the Candy Factory.

Billboards were on the left side of the road. . .

and on the right side of the road. They announced what exit to take

and when to take it.

This business loved billboard, but because of those billboards we decided we had to stop and check out this place.

At last we saw Redmons. . .

Candy Factory!

Isles of taffy. . .

penny candy. . .

hard candy. . .

and homemade fudge. Yummy!

My friend Renee bought candy for us to munch on. . .

and I figured since we stopped I better go.


  1. That last photo is a winner - wish I could have joined you. Just think one more person to have bathroom stops!

  2. What a 'sweet' spot to stop and check out. ;)

  3. Amazing! I have never seen so many sweeties in one place.

  4. Wow! What a crazy place! outhouse picture is so funny! Thanks for taking time to read my Yahoo article. You are such a doll!