September 29, 2013

Thrift Share

What is better than a church rummage sales with their reasonable priced items? Helping setting up a church sale that allows you to purchase the items before the sale starts.

Every year my sisters church, has a huge four day sale with a pole barn, barn, garage and several tents full of items for sale.

They start taking in donations and setting up two weeks before the sale. My sister is in charge of the housewares section, and asked me to help her this year. I was not thrilled about spending time in a pole barn in the middle of July, but I smiled and told my sweet sister I would be glad to help her.

This is how it worked. Volunteers received the donations, separated the items for the various areas, clothes, holiday, linens, housewares, and deliver the sorted boxes to that section.

Two long tables were set up, and as the sorted boxes were delivered to the housewares area my sister and her volunteers would unpack and price the items. It was my job to take the priced items to the housewares section, which I would like to mention was at the back of the pole barn, and neatly display the like items together.

As I was displaying the priced items, I came across a Cathrineholm lotus fry pan in excellent condition priced at one dollar. I walked back to the pricing table to tell the ladies this was a very collectible item.

There was a very outspoken women who claimed to have a lot of knowledge about vintage items and collectibles whom everyone seemed to listen to, and this time was no exception.

"It's a church rummage sale, let someone get a thrill, leave it priced at one dollar." Well, folks I was that person who was thrilled! I placed the Cathrineholm fry pan in my to buy pile. 

There was no lid with the pan, but I started thinking about the box that contained lids but not pans. The next morning I ran walked, over to the box, to see if I could find the lid, no luck. I was still very satisfied with my one dollar purchase. Several days later I grabbed an enamel aqua lid out of a box, I quickly turned it over to find this logo.

I was so excited, I walked up front, to put it with my to be purchased items, and told my sister that I found the lid to my fry pan. To my surprise and delight the outspoken lady said you already bought the pan just take the lid. Thank you very much.

This Cathrineholm enameled lotus patterned fry pan with matching lid has no stains, or blemishes. This is why I love church rummage sales.

On the last day of set up to my amazement, I found more Cathrineholm.

Two Cathrineholm casserole/lasagna pans with a stand. How lucky can one person get. These were price low, but cannot remember exactly what I paid.

So after years and years of searching I have finally found my first mid-century modern pieces of Cathrineholm Enamel Ware by Grete Prytz Kittelsen.

It pays to volunteer your time.

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  1. Fab Paulette, that was your reward for helping with the church sale!!

    1. Lucky! I want one of the pans, love the way they look.

      I do love the way the lady thinks though: it's a church sale, let someone have the thrill. Wish more people thought like that around here in thrift stores haha.

      I had always wondered if sale runners got first dibs. There are always sleazy dealers at ours, glad they don't volunteer! (or maybe they do...)

  2. They are beautiful pans. What exactly is a pole barn?

  3. Great finds. I have never heard of Catherine Holm, but I am going to Google it right now. Linda

  4. According to Etsy and Ebay, you did quite well, lady. Better bake that " vintage goods expert" her favorite cake! ;)))))). Linda

  5. Congratulations on such a great find! I haven't heard of that brand either but they look so awesome! I am glad you were rewarded for your hard work!

  6. Wow, lovely church sale finds! I have never come across any Catherineholm pieces.

  7. I've never heard of Catherineholm, but those are really beautiful. It's another name for me to look out for!

  8. What a find!! I think I have only ever seen Catherine Holm once, that was this past summer and it was crazy expensive! Good for you!!

  9. Congrats on your amazing finds!

  10. Oh wow, I love the casserole dishes! They are gorgeous! x

  11. What a brilliant story! Must have been payback for you giving your time. I'm really thrilled they went to a good home.

    Thanks for linking up x

  12. Whoa. Whoa!!! Good for you, they're beautiful. This post would be perfect for my new link party that starts tomorrow, Oct. 1, called We Call It Olde - anything antique or vintage. I hope you'll link up! I don' have any Catherinholm so this would be a first for my blog! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  13. Absolutely fabulous finds! So glad you found the matching lid.

  14. Good eye, Paulette! You were smart to check out the lids, too. I often find things separated in the thrifts. A little extra effort really paid off for you. Lovely pieces!

  15. You hit the Cathrineholm jackpot!! Fantastic! Those are my very favorite colors too. Great story of how you found them too. Congrats.

  16. I. love. church. sales. I find good stuff and they usually don't care, so they price it well just to get rid of it. Wonderful score!

  17. Those are amazing! I have yet to ever see a piece at a reasonable price! Great job!

  18. See, good things to come to those that do good things. I really like your pan.

  19. HEHEHE Sone one is telling you to volunteer more often. ;)

  20. Thank you so much for linking this to my first We Call It Olde Link-Up! Thanks to you, my first week was a success. I hope to see you there again each Tuesday with your antique, vintage, or history-related article. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  21. Great find! I love enamelware and those are great!

  22. These truly are gorgeous pieces! Great luck in finding the lid to the pan also! Thanks for sharing at TTF.

  23. Paulette, what a great find! I have not heard of them before, but love how they look. So glad that you found the lid! Thanks for sharing your find with SYC. Happy to be a new follower.