September 25, 2013

They Flush With Pride at Shoji Tabuchi Theatre

Whenever you talk about Branson, Missouri anyone who has experienced Branson will talk about the traffic on 76 County Boulevard and the restrooms at the Shoji Tabuchi theater located on the Shepard of the Hills expressway.

I stopped at my neighbors, to ask them if they would fetch my mail while I was gone, and they both told me to make sure I stop at Shoji's theater and check out the restrooms.

I like to research an area that I will be visiting, my Google search of Branson showed many, many, many references to "THE" restrooms of Shoji Tabuchi theater.

This is the Shoji Tabuhi theater in Branson, Missouri.
Without further ado here are some photos of the ladies powder room.

The  entrance doors are cut and beveled glass, and the
LADIES transom sign is stained and jeweled glass.
A sign requests "Ladies Only Please," stands at the entrance.
Just inside the jeweled door hangs a magnificent chandelier
sparkling from the purple ceiling.  All the chandeliers in this
1800 square foot room were imported from Italy.
Fresh flowers are displayed throughout the room.

The ladies room is styled to look like a New Orleans 1920's courtyard. The ceiling and metal wainscoting are reminiscent of the 1980's empire period.

The fireplace was imported from Paris.
Granite and onyx pedestal sinks line the wall.
While custom crafted gold leaf mirrors hang above each sink.

While the sign out in front of the ladies room request "ladies only, please" a similar sign in front of the gentlemen's room request "Men Only, Please." Thank goodness for Google because I found photos of the inside of the mens room.

A $35,000 hand carved mahogany billiard table in the mens room.
Photo Source 
Black lion heads sinks imported from Italy line the mens room.
Photo Source 

These opulent restrooms were the 2009 winner of America's Best Restrooms Award.

So count me among the ranks of people who have been to Branson, Missouri who will tell first time visitors to go see the restroom at the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre.

I'm just glad I don't have to clean them!


  1. Never thought about the cleaning. You are right. Glad I do not have to. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Well, no wonder they won the award! I've never seen such beauty in a restroom!

  3. Makes you want to go there just to look at the opulence! Pretty fancy. DId you go to a show there too? It says a lot about whomever designed the restrooms. I don't think that billiards is strictly a man's game. I can play with the best of them or at least I used to.

  4. No kidding! They're sure not encouraging people to hurry with their business. :-)
    These are quite amazing!

  5. Very beautiful! I think the men's maybe prettier than the ladies!