September 17, 2013

Let The Remodel Begin

My daughter and her family have moved into their new house, and mine now seems so very quiet. Not to worry the noise will soon return in the form of my kitchen redo.

The new kitchen cabinets will arrive sometime this week, upon arrival of the cabinets, installation of the flooring will be scheduled as will 'Bob the builder', my contractor. It will take him two days to gut my kitchen before the flooring can be installed, four days for the removal of the old floor, new sub floor and the laying and grouting of the porcelain wood tile. That is just the first week of work!

I have started the process of clearing out my cabinets, and I am not enjoying it. I already have a box for our local Goodwill.

This is my eat in kitchen straight out of the 70's. The soffit will be removed, and the new cabinets start at the ceiling and have crown molding.

These are my choices white cabinets, I am considering painting the kitchen a shade of green, backsplash, countertop and flooring.

Any and all suggestions on how to survive a remodel or design suggestions are more than welcome.



  1. What an exciting remodel! I'd suggest taking a long trip to Europe while the work is being done. LOL Sounds great, doesn't it, if only it weren't for the money factor. :-))

  2. Paulette, your 70's kitchen looks great! If I were you, I'd take a long trip to Europe with the money you are going to spend remodeling. Just repaint the painted walls, backsplash, and put up crown molding. You will never get up to the top shelves of the new cabinets anyway! And your hardwood floors are lovely. Don't rip them up for "wood" tiles. Sorry, but you did leave yourself open for suggestions. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. I know that this is a job that has to be done, rather than one that is just because you fancy a change. I think the things you have chosen are lovely, and your new kitchen will look wonderful.
    I survived our kitchen ( and indeed the whole house) makeover by knowing that it was going to look better in the end because nothing could possibly look worse than what was here when we moved in! That's not to say that there weren't a few tears of frustration along the way, but that was mostly down to having to do it ourselves, which meant there was more scope for things to go wrong, and also that it took longer.

  4. It will all be worth it in the end Paulette. I havent got any tips really, just keep focused on the end product.

  5. My only advice is you will survive and thank goodness you aren't doing it yourself! Eat out and take lot's of pictures. Just think of the wonderful blog posts you can do!

  6. Your kitchen is going to look fabulous with the selections you have made! (Your existing kitchen already runs rings around mine, so the new one will blow mine out of the water.) We really need a new kitchen floor in the worst way. The main thing that puts me off (other than the cost) is having to unload and move shelves and shelves full of "stuff". Yes, I have a "stuff" problem. The thrifts will have a bonanza when I finally do sort through those shelves!

  7. Your kitchen is so nice! I want to remodel mine to look like it! Keep us posted on the progress. I am now stalling my husband (who wants to renovate the kitchen) because I just can't wrap my head around a non-working kitchen for months.