September 26, 2013

Get To Steppin'

 On Sunday afternoon while the majority of Wisconsin people were watching the Green Bay Packers play football, my friends and I took advantage of tours being offered at Kemper Hall of areas that are not usually accessible to the public.

Kemper Hall was an Episcopal girls' boarding school that started in 1865 and closed in 1975. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans daughter attended this boarding school.

I was fascinated with the stairs throughout the school and the house where the students learned and lived, and took several photos that I wanted to share with you.

Green marble stairs lead the way to the chemistry lab
one of the first in the state of Wisconsin.
Tower stairway to the observatory.
These steps wind up six floors.
A view of the Kenosha harbor from the platform of the observatory.
The building on the right was the residence of the 36 Episcopal nuns that ran
this prestigious school. You can get a glimpse of the beautiful grounds that
surrounded the school. Green grass and trees on the west side of the schools
property and a beautiful view of  Lake Michigan on the east side of the property.
When the school was full of students, this staircase was used
by the students to classrooms located on different floors.
This staircase cannot be used by the public because the banister  and
hand railing are too short according to today's safety rules.

Beautiful wood floors and staircases inside the the dormitory.
The mansion is used today as a background for wedding
photos, engagement, and family photos.


  1. That looks like a very interesting tour - great pictures!

  2. That last photo of the staircase with the oriental rugs is outstanding. I didn't know that the Episcopal church had nuns. The spiral stairs are fun but a lot safer than the old farm house one where my daughter lives.

  3. Paulette, you have inspired me to photograph staircases. Thanks for the beautiful photography. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. Wonderful photos! I would have been in staircase heaven on this tour. I have a bit of a ' thing' for staircases, particularly the large, grand, sweeping ones that can be found in the stately homes that we have here. Staircases really make my heart sing!

  5. Just beautiful! What an interesting place to visit!

  6. The stairs are just so beautiful, it's a shame that the railings prevent the public from enjoying them. Also I noticed the green marble seemed to have worn down in the middle. Is that the design or years of use I wonder. Great shots!

  7. Gorgeous photos, Paulette. For some reason, the spiral staircases reminds me of Harry Potter. Love the view from the observatory. So beautiful!

  8. Oh, my, what gorgeous photos of those stairways!! What a wonderful place to visit!