May 31, 2011

Trash to Treasured

Several years ago I was driving in a rural area and noticed signs for a yard sale. Of course, I followed them until I arrived at the sale. Everything was on tables in the driveway. Loaded on the tables were beautiful knitted items. White, pink, blue, and variegated colored baby blankets caught my eye. So soft and touchable with such tiny stitches, and they were selling for $1.00 each. Why in the world did I not purchase all of them? I picked up a white and blue blanket and some knitting needles. Remember when knitting needles were a hot item on eBay? The maker of these gorgeous items had passed away. Her children were selling the remains of her household. 

As I was walking towards my car, my eyes caught sight of two suitcases. I walked toward the trash cans, took a look at the suitcases, and asked if he was throwing them away. Yes, he was. Can I have them? You can have them both for a buck. I wasn't happy about paying for them, after all he put them in the trash! Now I look at the suitcases and realize what a deal they were. These two suitcases are one of my favorite things. I love the stickers, and I often wonder what the initials CCP stand for.

These suitcases were used as a prop for a photo shoot. The photographer offered to buy them on the spot, and several people have asked to borrow them.

One man's trash is someones treasure.

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  1. This is a great story about the suitcases. I loved it.