May 30, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

I am so excited to link up to Apron Thrift Girl and Thrift Share Monday, for the very first time.  

Found at the Salvation Army this Imperial Milk Glass footed sugar bowl was taped together with the same patterned vase, for $2.04. The vase had a chip out of the base and now is my pen and pencil holder.  All the Salvation Army stores in my area have strange pricing.  I'm going to ask an employee next time I visit the SA. Does your stores price this way?

Goodwill has specials every Sunday, a colored tag is featured for 50% off.  This week was yellow. This Delft Blue hand painted rooster creamer had a yellow ticket of $2.99, half price, I paid $1.49. 

Saint Vincent de Paul thrift store is my favorite place to shop. I was happy to find the dominoes in the original box and with directions.  I sometimes think my kids make up game directions so that I lose.

Fantastic colors caught my eye on this piece of fabric. Kellogg fabric squares 1998. I think it is GREAT!

Cute Viking made in Denmark made me smile.

Garage sales were few and far between but I grabbed this retired, American Girl - Bitty Baby horse rocker for $3.00.

EXCITED!! I just started the blog this week because I wanted to hook up with all the wonderful other thrifers out there.  Beccalina took the time and commented on my post, Thank You for my very first comment - that comment made my heart sing.  Should I tell my friends and family, nope they just don't understand my love for thrifting.  I will keep this to myself and perhaps I will make new blog and thrifter friends.  


  1. That dragon dominoes game is great! I have a weakness for boardgames... :)

  2. You found some cool stuff. The milk glass sugar bowl is so sweet. I also like the Dragon Dominoes game and the Tony the Tiger fabric. Good buy on the American Girl rocker, too!

  3. I too read all the blogs but haven't taken the step of starting one up myself. It's funny the question you've asked yourself on telling friends and family is one that I've been asking myself, even before I get brave enough to think about blogging. I can just see the eye rolling and comments about Donna and her 'stuff'. I've subscribed to your blog and wish you lots of fun with it.

  4. You're off to a very good start! Nice post, I really enjoyed reading about your thrifts. I've been on the fence about starting a blog, but when I see someone else having the confidence to go ahead with it, it really gives me encouragement. Good luck to you!

  5. Great finds! Im totally jealous of your milk glass find in particular, I collect so I'm always on the lookout! And I collect vintage board games too, for the fun graphics- your domino set is fab!

  6. oh my... the little viking is to die for!! I love his little coat.

    Welcome to the thrift blogging world, it's quite the addiction! As far as telling friends and fam, I COMPLETELY understand. You'd be surprised how supportive some of them can be though. Those who aren't interested just won't follow-up and there is no shame in that because after all, YOU are doing what YOU love! :)