May 27, 2011

Thrifting Makes Me Cheerful

Whenever I need a pick me up, I head for my favorite thrift stores.  I have been a frequent shopper of thrift stores for about eight years. My passion for thrifting started the day I purchased my first vintage apron. That was back in 2003 when vintage aprons were selling for 49¢, now they are priced at $3.99.

When I was young, my Aunt Vic and Aunt Stella lived next door to us, and they wore aprons everyday. I can still remember the vivid colors of the flowers or the fun designs from the 60's that adorned these aprons.  Sweet memories.

Anyway, yesterday after work, I cheerfully made a thrift run.  No aprons but I did see a nice piece of furniture that was way over priced for my pocketbook.  What do you think, would you pay $80.00 for this piece.  I must mention that it smelled musty and needed some repair.

Aunt Vic and Aunt Stella wearing aprons

Would you pay $80.00 for this ?

While I was shopping I noticed a section of swimsuits. I found one that was cute, my size, and priced at $2.99. I had this cute polka dot beauty in my hand and was ready to drop it in my cart when I overheard people next to me saying, "Who would buy a used swimsuit?"  My cute polka dot swimsuit found its way back to the rack swiftly.  What do you think, is it a bad idea to purchase a used swimsuit, can it be sanitized with a good washing?  I have mixed feelings on this one.  I will be shopping for a new swimsuit this weekend at the mall.

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  1. It all depends on the person but i wouldn't. It all comes down to this, would you buy used underwear. Of course they could be washed but in the back of mind i would know where they have been.