March 18, 2013

Thrift Share

In the corner of the dresser sat the object of my affection, as I waited for the other estate sale shoppers to move away from the dresser, I noticed no one was giving any attention to the lamp. I was finally close enough to see the price tag. A fifteen dollar tag dangled from the neck of the lamp.  I liked the lamp but didn't like the price tag. I left the estate sale, but the memory of that lamp lingered in my mind.

A little after two pm I decided to go buy the lamp, praying and hoping that it was still there.  I held my breath as I walked into the bedroom hoping that the lamp was still sitting on the dresser, sigh, it was sitting in the same spot.  I tested the lamp to make sure everything worked. I liked the lamp but still wasn't  crazy about paying fifteen dollars for it. 

The first day of the sale was almost over, and I knew that at 11 am the next day everything would go 50% off, so I decided to ask if they would allow me the discount on my lamp today. They said YES!
So my lamp came home with me for $7.50, and I love it.

This Danish, mid century modern, double goose neck lamp with wood finials will now sit on my desk. Click the button on the base of the lamp the left cone shaped lamp turns on, press twice and the left lamp turns off and the right lamp turns on, and when you press three times both lamps are illuminated. 

I also picked up two Vera scarfs that were priced at only 50¢.

This Vera scarf has the lady bug logo next to her signature.

Leopard heads adorn each side of this Vera scarf while their tails meet in the center. This scarf just has the Vera signature with the copyright logo.

For 50¢, I couldn't pass up this pink and white polka dot towel with gold accents. Reminded me of the towels my mother used in our bathroom when I was young.

I liked the color combination, the designs, and style of this sweater so I bought it! It's not my size, but I still bought it! 

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  1. The lamp is just gorgeous! What an incredible find! Paulette, I love the pink and white towel, too!

  2. It's always a bit of a worry when you go back for something - just in case it has disappeared - you were so lucky! Very unusual lamp.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. It looks like a two person lamp.

  4. Oh, I love the lamp too! I found a somewhat similar one last year that I haven't been able to bring myself to sell yet. The leopard scarf is pretty amazing too!

  5. That lamp is incredible. I've never seen one like it, you did so well getting it, and I'm loving your cheekiness asking for the discount a day early. You don't ask - you don't get right? x

  6. That lamp is great, and I am glad you got it.

  7. Nice lamp! So glad it was there when you returned and that you got the discount. It never hurts to ask, right? The blue Vera scarf is so pretty. Nice finds, Paulette. The estate sales in our area usually disappoint me because they price things like antique stores. You always find some great stuff at reasonable prices.

  8. Oh the lamp! Oh the Lamp! Great deal too!

    The Joyful thrifter

  9. That lamp is awesome and so are the scarves! I love Vera scarves especially, they always have such cool and unique designs. Thanks for sharing! -Melissa @Scavenger Hunt

  10. i absolutely love that blue scarf! great finds! oh that lamp is gorgeous!

  11. Are you a Vera collector?? I am! The leopard scarf is really different, nice finds and of course, nice price!

  12. Must join the choir with love for the lamp!

  13. I know I've seen an article about dating Vera signatures..but can't find it now...maybe it was this one??