March 22, 2013

A 59¢ Delightful Wordless Story By David Wiesner

One of my passions and weaknesses while shopping at my favorite thrift stores is the children's book section. At my local GW, they have a large selection of used books, and I am constantly scouring the shelves for books that I can introduce to my grandchildren.

With five, grandchildren, ages ranging from 10 years old to two years old I am in need of different types of genres, and with a price tag of 59¢ for children's books I am able to fill my library shelves (really plastic bins) with books that interest all of them. 

SECTOR 7 written by David Wiesner, published in 1999 is my newest acquisition for my children's library.

This hard covered book was just 59¢ at my local GW.

There is an adage "A picture is worth a thousand words." In this Caldecott Honored book, SECTOR 7, beautiful illustration "write" this story.

The book is about the journey of a little boy that is taken to the place where clouds are made.

The little boy is an artist, able to create works of art from the frost on the school bus window. Today his class is taking a field trip to the Empire State Building.

His class takes the elevator to the top floor of the Empire State Building. 

It is extremely foggy on top of the building, and the little boy can't see anything. He loses his hat and finds that a friendly cloud has taken it.

The friendly cloud whisky the boy off to Sector 7, the dispatch center and factory of  clouds.

The little boy is shown drawings of clouds, and he shares his ideas for fish shaped clouds.

The adults discover the boy, and he is sent back to the Empire State Building on a cloud.

The little cloud follows the boy back to the Empire State Building and goes home with him.

Looking up towards the sky you can see the little boy's fish clouds floating around.

The illustrations in this book are stunning and allow any aged child the ability to make up their own version of a story. 

With no words, just illustration Wiesner has brought this book to life.

Next time your thrift shopping take a look around the children's section and perhaps you will find a delightful book for 59¢, just like I did.



  1. What a delightful book; you always find the best things.

  2. i always check out the children's books...lately I haven't found anything I want for my collection

  3. The illustrations in this book are lovely. What a great find to be able to share with your grandchildren!