March 20, 2013

1975 Sears Catalog Had More Than 602 Pages

I must have had my head in the clouds in 1975 because I missed all of the hubbub about the 1975 Sears Fall/Winter catalog.

My treasure seeking friend recently showed me her Sears catalog that she had stored in her basement. 
"You know what this is, right?" she asked  me. "An old Sears catalog", I replied. With a shocked expression on her face, she said, "Not just a Sears catalog, but THE Sears catalog with the man on page 602!"

At that point, she realized that I had no idea what she was talking about. "What the heck were you doing that you didn't hear about this catalog." 

A quick rewind of my brain to 1975, I was newly married and trying to figure out married life on an extremely tight budget, and of course I was concerned about bringing the troops home from Vietnam. Or another possibility was that I just didn't think it was a big deal (no pun intended).

Here, snopes describes what all the commotion with page 602 is all about.

In the men's underwear section of the 1975 Fall/Winter catalog on page 602 was a picture of a male model whose personal and private part could be seen peeking out from beneath a pair of boxer shorts.

Sears official explanation was that the object was a blemish caused by some liquid on the art work during printing.

Click here if you would like to see the man on page 602, and decide for yourself, the real deal or a watermark.

A song was even written about this, titled The Man on Page 602.

Page 602 didn't interest me, but I enjoyed other pages in that 1975 catalog.

This is from the 1975 catalog but looks similar to today's fashion.

Remember the console televisions?

LeCreuset for $59.99

Boys bedspreads

Flower power

These sheets were on my bed in 1975

Now I understand why these catalogs were called wish books, I wish I could purchase these items at the 1975 prices!



  1. Oh my I missed that too! I was in HS and had not knowledge of such things! Love getting them and miss them to this day. Those sheets look familiar? someone had them hhmm?

  2. Oh wow! That is a blast from the past!

  3. Fun post! And people think there's no inflation??

  4. I have a few of these old catalogues and have done a few posts on them too, they're always fun.

    I had those sheets too!!!

  5. I totally remember that! Thanks to older teenagers in our family I saw it. Pretty funny. I loved getting the catalogs, it was so exciting, we would lay on the floor together us kids and go over every page, especially the toy section and circle and initial the things we wanted. That was more fun that actually getting the items. We would even cut out the pictures and decorate our future homes. A lot of fun. Love this post. I see somethings I'd like to get now, love some of those bedspreads!

    1. about the sheets just remembered, we were never allowed patterned sheets, my grandma said they gave you nightmares, only white in our house! Gosh this brings back soo many memories : )

  6. I totally remember the catalogue but never knew they made a song about it.

  7. Tee Hee. Yes, I remember all the hub-bub about that catalog, but I had no idea there was a song about it. Too funny!

  8. The funny thing is that this is true and the man is a friend of mine. In 1975 I was 12, living in Texas and he actually played professional basketball for the Nicks at the time. We are now neighbours in Texas and my wife and I take several trips a year with them!

  9. Anyone know the model's name?