March 7, 2013

Hey Peeps

The Racine Art Museum located in a neighboring town hosts an international PEEPS® competition (which, by the way, has never had an entry from outside of the United States) is now accepting entries from artists of all ages to participate in the only museum competition of this kind, in the world. If you are interested in entering this competition check out  RAM's Fourth Annual International PEEPS® Competition link.

Last year I took my oldest grandson and went to the museum to see all of the entries, I have to admit I enjoyed myself more than he did.

Here are some of the entries that I photographed.

I like PEEPS® yellow chicks fresh from the package, I don't bite them I pop the whole thing in my mouth. YUMMO!



  1. What fun! I wished we had something like that in my town.

  2. Finally a good use for Peeps! Sorry, but Peeps taste yucky to me. You can have my share. ;-)))))

  3. How creative and fun! Thank you for posting these pictures! I love Peeps!

  4. One of my personal favorites for Easter candy.