March 5, 2013

Bridal Shower a Second Time Around

It's not uncommon for people to get married more than once in their lifetime. I have a friend who's marriage, not by her choice, ended in divorce.  She had two children, a nice home, a dog, and a job that allowed her to live a good life. She was a care giver to her parents until they left this world.

This lady is a remarkably kind and caring person and friends were always trying to fix her up with just the right guy. No, she would reply, maybe after the children are out of the house.

The children graduated high school, college and became employed in their respective fields. They were out of the house.

Reluctantly, she agreed to a blind date, and that date blossomed into true love. After several years, she agreed to marry him.

All of her family and friends were so excited for her. We told her we would be bridesmaids and would purchase our dresses at the thrift store. I'm not having bridesmaids it will be a small wedding, she would say as she was laughing.

All of us discussed having a small bridal shower for her, after her heartbreak from her first marriage we wanted to show her our love and support for her new found happiness.

Here are some photos from the shower...

A small group of friends was invited 
for a luncheon at a local restaurant.

Tulips, the bride to be's favorite flowers decorated the head table.

Of course, we had a dessert table with plenty of options.

She often talked about how her mother would have loved her husband to be and how she wished she was still around to be part of the festivities.

We were able to get one of her mother's favorite 
brooches, and had it incorporated into her corsage
that she wore at the shower.

We all visited and eat a lovely meal, but girls they want to have fun, and some fun we had.  Remember, I told you we all wanted to be bridesmaids ...

I kept the bride to be busy for a few minutes while our group of friends exited the room, and came back in as bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids entered . . .

wearing thrift store dress, hats and flowers.

The bride and her maids.

We all attended her wedding a few weeks later as guest, but we will always remember the shower.


  1. This is just wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. How fun was that! Congratulations to your friend, and what a sweet way to wish her happiness.

  3. Too funny! Looks like it was a happy time. :)

  4. I bet your friend loved it too!

  5. Where are you; taking the photos? It looked like a great time. She deserves happiness.

  6. What a wonderful and fun group of friends for a bride to be to have! You'll all remember this with a smile and you've given her a lovely memory to cherish as she embarks on this new phase in her life.

    All the best to her!