October 7, 2012

Five Food Allergies and a Birthday Party

Parents of children who have food allergies know that each day their child faces a health risk if foods containing the allergen are ingested or even touched.  From school lunches, treats passed out at school, to attending birthday parties, the parents and the child have to be aware because of health risks.

My grandson has had a dairy allergy from infancy and is abundantly aware of it. He will ask "Does this have any dairy in it?" before he will eat anything. He is a typical kid, but along with his family deals with food issue on a daily basis.

Friday, I helped celebrate my grandson's 7th birthday, and Saturday, classmates dressed in Halloween costumes filled the backyard for a Halloween themed birthday party.

In my grandsons classroom, there are two children who have food allergies that were invited to the birthday party, one is allergic to red dye and mint, one had an egg allergy and a peanut allergy and of course my grandsons dairy allergy.

My grandson has attended many parties where he brought along his own dairy free cookies, cupcakes, and milk because he was unable to eat the food provided, but rest assure he still enjoyed the parties and his friends!

At his birthday party, the food served was free of any of the allergens that the children were allergic too.

All of the children were able to eat the food served.
Rice Krispie treats made with Earth Balance.
Cupcakes made without eggs or oil, with
Duncan Hines Frosting Creations that contained no red dye or dairy.
Ghost Poop = mini marshmallows.

Spider Legs = pretzels.
All the product information was clipped from the packages so the parents of children with the allergies could read them to make sure all ingredients were safe for them to eat.

No child was alienated, and no big deal was made about food allergies, everyone ate the same food, a good time was had by all, the kids even ate the carrots and apple slices!

The cupcakes were made from a box mix using clear soda instead of eggs and oil. The children didn't even know the difference.


  1. Is it me or are there more children with allergies these days? I wonder why?
    Glad your grandson is well aware of his and knows to tell people.
    All the food you showed looks delicious though and I suppose if you are the parent of a child with allergies you become very inventive!

  2. that is so thoughtful. and whats more important is everyone had a good time!

  3. How nice that it was inclusive for everyone. and look how cute it all was. Ghost poop! LOL