October 26, 2012

Sheet Colors for Different Seasons

The transition from summer to fall/winter clothes has taken place in my bedroom closet. I imagine in the majority of other peoples closet, as well.

I also transition from light yellow Egyptian cotton sheets, to moss green Egyptian cotton sheets for the fall and winter months. 

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day to hang my linens outside on the clothes lines. The temperature was in the 70's with the wind blowing enough to cause the sheets to flap in the wind.

I took the sheets off the line smelling the fresh air and sunshine that helped dry them. I folded my yellow sheets and tucked the sheet set inside one of the matching pillow case, placed it on the shelf in my linen closet and pulled out the moss green sheets, so I could make the bed. For me, this transition from yellow sheets to moss green sheets means winter is on the way.

The yellow colored cotton sheets gives me the sense of a refreshing nights sleep, while the moss green cotton sheets gives me the feeling of being wrapped up in warmth.  

So, not only do I transition my clothes I switch the color of my sheets depending on the season. Do you change the color of your linens when the seasons change?



  1. Gee, I have topaz sheets with stripes, purple sheets, white and blue. What do you think about those colors?

  2. I always have cream coloured sheets summer or winter! I need to be cool between the sheets but can always put an extra blanket on!

  3. cream or white sheets the whole year around here. There are too many beds to change!

  4. I've never thought to do that. What a great idea. I like to celebrate seasonal changes.

  5. love the imagery of the sheets hung outside flapping in the wind :) yes, i change them when the seasons change. only white and very lightly colored ones in the summer and dark colors in the winter. right now we have the dark blue striped ones :)

  6. sheets on the line....aaahhh what a smell to fall to sleep to!