October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

The atmosphere was full of fun this morning as I participated in Trunk or Treat at my grandchildren's school parking lot.

Preschoolers, 4 year old kindergarten, kindergarten and first graders took part in this activity. You would never know that it was 36 degrees with a brisk wind blowing, because everyone that was participating in this event was enjoying themselves.

Here, are a few photos of my sweet grandchildren at St. Mary's Trunk or Treat.

I loved her wave and sweet smile when she saw me.
The room mother made each student bags with their names embroidered on them.
A big hug from my granddaughter.

My daughter and granddaughter

My grandson and me.

The smile says he's having a terrific time.
4 year old kindergarten class. Instead of costumes each class made hats to wear.
First grade class with their bug hats.
I was so happy that I got to participate in this fun event.  Happy Halloween everyone!



  1. What fun it looks like! I haven't actually done it yet...waiting on tonight!!! Who ever thought this up is a genius! Great pictures! Happy Halloween!

  2. HI Paulette, they all look so happy dont they? You look very pretty too, I think that is the first photo of you I have seen!

  3. I love the idea of creating hats instead of costumes; that is just a brilliant idea! How adorable all the children look (but especially your grandkids). What a fabulously talented room mother to create those adorable and personalized goody bags; she rocks! Thanks for sharing these fun pictures.

  4. trunk or treat? never heard of it before but just look at those big adorable smiles :) your grandkids are such cuties. great pics!

  5. They stopped doing the trunk or treat here. Your family looks like they had a lot of fun.