October 3, 2012

Rosie the Diabetic Service Dog

Service dogs have been admired and praised for assisting individuals who have disabilities, the most recognizable service dogs are for the hearing and visually impaired.

Less recognizable service dogs are trained for medical conditions such as seizures or diabetes. 

I was not aware of nor had I ever saw a medical service dog, until my sister-in-law, who has diabetes received her service dog Rosie an adorable dachshund.

Diabetes service dog, Rosie in her working gear.
Rosie has patches sewn on her harness.

 While showing your registration cards are not required by federal law, she carries them with her.

During her visit several weeks ago, we went shopping and Rosie, of course, accompanied us. People were surprised to see a dog entering a grocery store, discount stores, and the Goodwill, but were respectful and courteous.

Rosie does not bark, whine or jump up unless my sister-in-laws blood sugar levels rise or fall very low. I was impressed at how close Rosie walks next to my sister-in-law. Everyone loves a cute dog and, Rosie is certainly that, many request were made to pet her, but it is my sister-in-laws request that Rosie not be petted when wearing her working harness. People respected that request.

When we were at my house, and Rosie wasn't working, she was well loved.


  1. That last photo is amazing! What a noble life for a dog.Rx


  2. how wonderful! Rosie has to be a source of comfort for her to know Rosie is there to protect her. As a nurse, i need to read more about this!

  3. How do they know?? One of life's mysteries!

  4. thank you rosie for your love and service!

  5. Rosie is adorable! I didn't realize dachshunds could be service dogs. They are such sweet little companions; how wonderful for your sister-in-law and Rosie!