October 22, 2012

I've Been In Northern Wisconsin

Door County, Wisconsin is one of my favorite places to enjoy summer days, with the gentle breeze coming from the waters of the bay, and the gusts of winds that pop up from the lake side, but the fall colors in October are gorgeous and equally enjoyable.

I have just returned from Door County where my sweet sister, my brother-in-law, my dear friends Renee and Louie, and myself spent a week of relaxation, shopping, eating, and fellowship.

The red star on the Wisconsin map indicates where Door County is located.
The map on the left is a close up of Door County, the red star is where my
condo is located, in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

Inside of Harbor View Park, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin 
Vivid colors surround us on either side of the road, beautiful.

The shore line of Green Bay taken in Peninsula State Park.

Birch trees are among my favorite trees.
The weather was damp, rainy, and often times cold, but the beauty that surround us was breathtaking. I'll share more of my trip up north, tomorrow.



  1. What a wonderful time to spend with your sister. Sorry the weather was not more cooperative. It was gorgeous in IL.

  2. The scenery looks beautiful, shame about the weather but the main thing is you had a wonderful time.

  3. I'm a Wisconsin native and have never ever been to Door County! That looks so beautiful. Wish my sister would move to Door County instead of Sarasota, FL. :-( Glad you had a wonderful and relaxing time, Paulette.

  4. Nice photos. It looks so peaceful and pretty. Looks like the perfect place to go stay and relax.

  5. What a beautiful part of the world it is.

  6. I love all kinds of weather and your photos are gorgeous! I'm missing the fall colors this year so these are a balm to my soul. So glad to have you back in my blog feed!

  7. you certainly captured the beauty of that place...wish we had more color here in Georgia